Speculation: 2.4 stealth Holy Shock nerf

Holy ShockI read this from the blues:
* Holy shock (Rank 1) now deals 277-299 damage to an enemy and heals an ally for 351-379 Health.
* Holy shock (Rank 2) now deals 379-409 damage to an enemy and heals an ally for 480-518 Health.
* Holy shock (Rank 3) now deals 496-536 damage to an enemy and heals an ally for 628-680 Health.
* Holy shock (Rank 4) now deals 614-664 damage to an enemy and heals an ally for 777-841 Health.
* Holy shock (Rank 5) now deals 721-779 damage to an enemy and heals an ally for 931-987 Health.

I got all glossy eyed at the increased healing and damage. Then I read this:
Holy Shock: The healing, damage, and mana cost of this spell have all been increased.

Um.. mana cost. Hrm. Now I’m wondering if there might be a hit to mana efficiency based on these changes.

  Heal Heal Efficiency Damage Damage Efficiency Mana Cost
Holy Shock Current Rank 5 530-574 0.82-0.75 mana/heal 530-574 0.82-0.75 mana/damage 435
Holy Shock PTR Rank 5 931-987 0.70-0.65 mana/heal 721-779 0.90-0.83 mana/damage 650
Current Flash of Light Rank 7 458-513 0.39-0.35 mana/heal 180
(???)Current Exorcism Rank 3 217-245 0.71-0.63 mana/damage 155

??? numbers for Exorcism are unconfirmed.

So.. it looks like the new Holy Shock will see an improvement in mana efficiency for healing.. and will base heal about twice as much.. while the damage will still be very inefficient but will hit for ~1/3 more base damage.

Compared to Flash of Light, this is still a piss-poor healing spell. Both FoL and Holy Shock get ~42% of your +healing. So +healing can be ignored when comparing the two. Holy Shock will heal for ~470 more while costing almost four times (3.6) as much mana. FoL takes 1.5 seconds to cast and I must be standing still. Holy Shock is an instant cast.. but it will trigger the global cooldown. So regardless, I’m looking at 1.5 seconds of wait-time between heals.

The only benefit I see to Holy Shock over Flash of Light is that you’ll be able to cast Holy Shock while you’re moving. But at such a huge penalty in terms of mana.. it probably still isn’t worth it in PVE. PVP might be a different story.

As an offensive spell.. it’s going to cost 10% more mana. This makes DPSing as Holy even more mana inefficient. I’m not sure that it’s a game breaker for Shockadins/Spelladins.

2 thoughts on “Speculation: 2.4 stealth Holy Shock nerf

  1. It also gives you an emergency top up or livesaver when you need it, and for leveling 70-80 it’s great.
    I have leveled my pally as holy since 61 and its much better now believe me.
    HS is doing 66% of my damage according to recount, and I dont have to drink unless I take on 6 mobs in immediate succession (or all at once which is also great).
    have you ever leveled as holy? Doesn’t sound like it frankly.

  2. Just to add to that. I have leveled to 80 a shammie, lock and hunter and my healadin dps level 73 is 520-ish. That ain’t wonderful but its not bad in comparison to the other toons I’ve leveled and what I’ve seen.

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