Bugged Bear.. Birds at 9

Dance Daegothh DanceLast night West Kingdom did a guild-only run at Zul’Aman. We were Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Shaed (Warrior Tank), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Validor (Holy Paladin), Weaver (Holy Priest), Spiralla (Shaman), Daegothh(Mage), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Fynriss (BM Hunter) and Krullwyn (BM Hunter).

First we tried the bear boss. Everything was going very very well until at about 20% boss health Shaed got twitchy and accidentally taunted the boss at the wrong time. Tank dies, Tank 2 dies, raid runs down the steps to reset the boss.

Try two we swapped out Shaed for Amellea (our regularly scheduled off-tank). We ran into a lot of problems where the tank would take a big hit, then the boss would do the roar which silences everyone for two seconds and then smash the tank dead. I think we got three tries in before we had respawn and then the boss showed up -below- us in his initial starting place. At that point we couldn’t aggro the mobs. Believe me, we tried… See the picture of Daegoth dancing between the bear bosses legs.. and he’s not even invisible 😉 *sigh* bugged bear boss.

We decided to just move on and try the bird boss. Based on our experience the night before we had Validor tanking the birds, Tatia healing Validor and we AOEd the bird packs down when he got two packs of birds. It went -great-. We made it through the gauntlet on the first try.

We made three attempts at the bird boss. At best we got him down to 9% (Nine Freaking Percent). *sigh* Then we had respawn on the gauntlet. We decided it had been a good night and called it at that point.

Even though we didn’t down anything it was still a very positive night.