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Pally Macros

Macro CreationYesterday it occured to me that suddently Tatia is using a lot of macros. I’ve added a page just for the macros. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Pally Macros

  1. Terrific! Here are some of mine.

    Little heal – alt casts little HL to keep it 2 sec, ctrl casts oom ‘free’ vesion, targettarget if pointed at mob

    /cast [mod:alt,help] [mod:alt,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 5);[mod:ctrl,help] [mod:ctrl,target=targettarget]Flash of Light(Rank 3);[help] [target=targettarget]Flash of Light

    Big heal — divine Illumination on big version, for same reason as you, alt casts mid version, ctrl is tiny version… um, don’t remember why, don’t use it, maybe I should move it up to rank 7 or something useful.

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [nomod:alt] Divine Illumination
    /cast [mod:alt,help] [mod:alt,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 9);[mod:ctrl,help] [mod:ctrl,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 3);[help] [target=targettarget]Holy Light

    Mount macro, works wherever.

    /cast [nomod:alt, flyable,nomounted]Green Riding Nether Ray;[mod:alt, nomounted,nomounted][noflyable,nomounted] Summon Charger

    Blessing infomational notification… I’ve got a few of these…

    #showtooltip Greater Blessing of Kings
    /cast [button:1] Greater Blessing of Kings
    /cast [button:2] Blessing of Kings
    /script SendChatMessage(“It’s good to be the King, ” .. UnitClass(“target”) .. “.” , “say”);

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