Be Imba.. or be frustrated…

Ok.. so I looked at Be.Imba a few days ago. I found it to be interesting but I had other things I needed to do so I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. I mentioned it to guildies and they also seemed to find it interesting.. but still.. nothing major. Fiancee couldn’t get his toon to load for love or money. I think he gave up trying after about 2 hours.

I did get Tatia to load.. it scored her at 161 and said she had a few missing gems and un-enchanted items. I knew about the all of that (didn’t have spellthread on legs, didn’t have shoulder enchanted ’cause I didn’t think my rep was high enough to get one, hadn’t socketed new gear (bad Tatia)) but I wasn’t terribly worried about it.

Then I had “The talk” with Vyrke and Joe about my gear. Suddenly I’m spending all my gold and badges to get the best gear possible..and to hurry up and get it enchanted. After all was said and done, Be.Imba still says I’m missing 1 enchantment, 1 gem and using two bad gems.. but my score went up to 169. Woot?

Sadly the site won’t tell me which piece of gear isn’t enchanted.. nor which gem I’m missing.. AND to add insult to injury, the armory is down. I could just stomp in frustration. *sigh*’

6 thoughts on “Be Imba.. or be frustrated…

  1. Click the “…” to the right of the message about missing gems/enchants. It’ll open a section that shows you what is lacking. Same with any warning on the site. It could be more obvious…

  2. Your cloak could use some enchanting loving. I’d recommend Subtlety (2% threat reduction). Since you’re exalted with Honor Hold, you should have it.

  3. Yeah, I tracked down the issues. I’m planning on a gem-buying spree tonight.

    wrt cloak enchant: since pally heals or so low on aggro it almost seems a waste to put an expensive aggro reducing enchange on the cloak. I’m half tempted to do +armor or +7 to all resistances.. though those seem wasteful as well.

  4. Woo-hoo, it says I’m in top shape! 184.28 (new)

    Yeah, I’ve got the resist on my cloak. Its way too expensive with the primals and only slightly less worthless than eveything else, but what the heck, I’ve got the Stainless cloak off Prince, its not like I’m going to be getting a new cloak any time soon. WTB +heal or mp5 cloak enchant! I figure as a pally another 120 armor is less worthwhile to me than the resist. I mitigate physical pretty well already. Granted +7 resist is pretty much squat, but another 120 armor when I alrady have about at 15k is completely squat. If I were a priest or something I’d probably go with the armor.

  5. The problem is.. there isn’t a better enchant. Other cloak enchants add resistances.. or 150 armor. A little bit of resistance or a little bit of armor is pretty useless to me. Maybe at some point I’ll have to stack resistances for a particular fight.. but until I know what kind it’s kind of silly to put the enchant on.

    As a tank you should be squee-ing with joy at the new cloak enchant slated for 2.4

    Sigh.. WTB cloak enchant for +healing, +stamina, +int, +mp5 or +spell crit hell will even settle for +sprit (though I’d probalby choke while enchanting the cloak).

  6. Since your Holy spec putting a threat reduction enchant on your cloak assuming if needs it be a waste or not the best enchant since as Holy Paladin all your heals are at 50% threat level compared to any other class. Just look for another more usefull enchant to use.

    Haven’t looked at that site as yet either, so not sure what it will amuse me to tell me that I already know or don’t know. I always have ever piece of my gear fully Gemed and Enchanted at all times if its worn or alternative gear piece. That’s just how I roll at all times and with my personal gear.

    I understand my own gear needs enough that I can look at my gear stats to know what i may need with gems or enchants without a site telling me what I need. Always best if the individual can do that themselves. As for Gems and mats I know I have over a dozen gems of various kinds along hand at all times that I use and will be needing to use no matter what kind of new gear I pick up. So I always have a bankable supply to use.

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