Going through the motions

KeyJust so you don’t make the same mistake.. you have to be 68 to start the Karazhan Key quest. And even if you’re only 5 bubbles away from 68.. the bugger in front of Kara won’t even think about giving you the quest until you get those last 5 bubbles. *sigh*

When I logged on last night guildies were talking about helping each other through the Karazhan key quest. One guildie needed the Steamvaults and Arch parts. I need to do it on Lilac but when they asked where I was in the chain I had to admit I hadn’t even started. I even felt guilty at the time.. I mean what was I thinking, slacking on the Kara key quests (regardless of the fact that the keyquest will no longer be necessary after 2.4)(whatever). A few days ago I ran down to Tanaris to start the KoT quest and do the big (and yet terribly terribly slow) tour of the caverns (I think they punched the tour guide’s card.. she is sure power walking through there where I swear she strolled before.. anyway) but I hadn’t even thought about starting the Kara key quest.

So feeling guilty that I was holding up the group I portaled to Stormwind and then flew to Darkshire so I could run to Kara. I got to the front of Kara and then realized that the quest giver had a grey bang instead of a gold one. It was only THEN that guildies confirmed that you can’t do the quest until 68 GRRR! Lilac was 5 bubbles away from 68.

So I told them to go on without me.

“Don’t worry about me.. I just level up my toon.” But guildies weren’t having any of that. It was only 5 bubbles.. heck, with rested xp I should be through that in no time. We discussed it briefly and decided Lilac should goto Nagrand and do the Nessingwary quests. At this point Lilac is 80% done with Terrokar and had only set foot in Nagrand to get the flight point. I hadn’t done any of the quests. Anyway. A guildie dropped into another Ventrilo channel with me and then met me out in Nagrand with his pack.

Nightshade is a multi-boxer. He met me in Nagrand with his warrior, two mages and a priest. Three of his toons are SSC geared and I think one of the mage’s is currently in BT. So um.. we burned through Nessingwary’s quests. We also did the Ring of Blood (which netted Lilac a nice staff which she should keep at least until she gets to Kara). Lilac dinged 68 on the next-to-last Ring of Blood.

As we were finishing up the Ring of Blood guildies dropped into our vent channel to ask us how long we were going to be.. it turns out, while Nightshade and I were grinding in Nagrand, the other guildies had cleared Shadow Labs up to Murmur. Since murmur drops two really nice warlock gear pieces they were waiting to kill him until Lilac could join them. Unfortunately Lilac hadn’t yet finished the Kara part of the quest.. so she still had at least 30 mins more to go.

So I told them to go on without me.

Guildies demurred, they declared that it wouldn’t take too long and that they’d just wait for me. So Lilac toddled down to Kara to start the key quest.

When Tatia did the key quest it was only moments after she’d respec’d to Holy. I found the Kara mobs to be fantastically hard to kill. It was nearly a crushing blow and almost made me respect back to Prot.

Lilac started the quest and found the kara mobs to be fantastically hard to kill. Not as hard as Tatia had found it.. but still.. a lot harder than other mobs she’s been killing recently. I killed 3-4 of the mobs before Nightshade and his pack showed up to help me burn through the starter quests. Finished those quests and then ported to Shatt then to Ironforge in order to fly to Southshore and run to Dalaran (I wonder what will happen with the Kara key quest when Dalaran moves to Northrend). From Dalaran Nightshade again offered me a port to Shatt. Turned in the starter quests and got the first part of the key quest.

Guildies invited me to the Shadow Labs group and then summoned me to the area. Lilac picked up a couple of quests for SL and made my way to Murmur. On our first attempt we had a few early deaths (the tank hadn’t ever seen the fight before and was unfamiliar with the “run out.. now run in” that’s required for that fight. The second attempt went much better. (Mumur dropped healing cloth and some crappy sword I think we DEd. I felt really bad that they’d waited for me on that). We swapped around the group a bit.. and got 5 people in who needed the first keypart and viola, first key part acquired.

At this point it was 11:30 at night. It’s not too far to keypart #2.. so we decided to make a go of it. We formed the group for SV and then realized that suddenly we had 6 people who needed this keypart. After a bit of hemming and hawing other guildies decided to bring in their kara geared tank/healer/dps and 4-man the trash in SV for the one extra person who needed the key. My group was 5 toons.. I think 3 of us were level 68 and the other two toons were two of Nightshade’s multi-boxed toons. It was kind of a lowbie group.. I dont’ think we could have taken on any of the bosses.. but we were able to make it through the trash.

For future reference.. having a multi-boxer heal is a really good way to encourage people to watch their aggro. The multi-box healer heals one target very well. But splash damage.. not so much. I think we wiped once to a 4-pull that I’d marked thinking it was only a 3-pull. Ah well.

We made it through and Lilac is now the proud possessor of key part #2.

I think we’re going to go do Old Hillsbrad either tonight or this weekend. Lilac is now 5 bubbles into level 68. I still think it’s going well.

It seems almost silly go to through the motions to get the Master’s Key when you know the requirement for it’s going to be removed in the next patch. What can I say.. I’m hoping Lilac will be in Kara before the key requirement is removed.

4 thoughts on “Going through the motions

  1. Multibox healer :O

    (good luck on the rest of the key! I think 2.4 is still a ways off so Lilac should make good use of it!)

  2. Just a tip about CoT awful tour… if you follow the NPC mounted, the NPC should walk faster.

  3. I “could” multi-box heal. Create a macro saying /target EvilBastage /cast FoL and just get on with the warlocky goodness, but I still like to pretend that my Holy Pally is the dogs dangly bits.

    So pally goes in melee and I spam shadowbolts.

    Went to Ring of Blood with some guildies on Sunday with EvilBastage (level 67 at the time, but also dinged 68 on the penultimate trial – how weird is that?) and kicked out a 1952 crit – I was soooooo impressed 🙂

  4. I feel for ya on this one…

    I have been working the Kara key quest chain for MONTHS. It has been a LONG slow grind due to my crappy server. I finally own all 3 key frags, but I am stuck at the Black Morass part. The damn Old Hillsbrad quest sat in my log for 3mo or more, before finally getting done.

    I will get my key, come hell or highwater! Good luck to you, it seems you have a great guild to help ya

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