DING 70!

Lilac hit 70 last night while questing and killing spiders in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Kinda anti-climatic to do it while killing spiders… I was half tempted to get into Shattered Halls (where Tatia dinged) but by the time we finished our run on Old Hillsbrad she only had one bubble left..and it was kinda late to start a new group.

What’s odd.. is that I think the toon was a year old when it happened 😉 The earliest post I see about Lilac (who used to be named Ette) was made on March 3, 2007 and referred to Ette being created “late last week”. Despite that she’s at just a little over 13 days played.. so although she’s existed for a year she wasn’t actively played for all that time.

She started out as a miner/skinner but quickly dropped that to take up herbalism/alchemy. Later she dropped alchemy to take up tailoring. At the moment she’s at 366/375 tailoring and is eyeing the AH for stuff to bump that to 375. She’s made 2/3 pieces of her Frozen Shadoweave set and needs 375 in order to craft the last piece (and the soul bag of awesomeness).

She dinged, hearthed, flew off to Wildhammer and bought her flying skill and golden gryphon. Then back to Shattrath to portal to IF for training. I’m looking forward to trying out Seed of Corruption. Then she spent 30-40 mins twiddling the AH trying to skillup tailoring and to get scryer rep.

Sometime this week (maybe today) I need to outline her things-to-do list so I can more efficiently use her time/money. To-Do list updated.

But yeah! 70!

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  1. Congratulations and happy birthday to Ette er I mean Lilac!!

    Despite my personal feelings on Warlocks… yours is not half bad. I am looking forward to scouring Karazhan with the little runt.


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