Blog Narcisism

If you’re looking for actual content.. move along 😉

I just noticed that (I think) yesterday I passed the 50k hits mark for the year. Hi everyone!

Zubon at Kill Ten Rats did a review of his keywords.. which were interesting and varied.. I wanted to see if I had the same variations.. so here are my top search terms:


538 warlock pre kara gear, pre kara warlock gear, pre-kara warlock gear, warlock affliction pre-kara, affliction warlock gear, warlock gear, pre kara warlock, warlock epic dps gear, warlock stats; kara
63 banish macro, warlock macro
91 warlocks, warlock
1 amplify curse addon

A large amount of my traffic is generated from my pre-kara gear list for Warlocks. I actually tweaked it yesterday to represent some other items in place of really-hard-to-obtain crafted items. I haven’t done it yet.. but once I’ve played Lilac for a while at 70 I’ll document her macros the same way I documented Tatia’s macros.


239 paladin healing gear, paladin pre kara healing gear
53 paladin, paladins
45 paladin cheat
15 paladin gear
1 paladin resurrection macro
1 wow theorycraft holy paladin

The Paladin healing gear list seems to be less popular than the warlock list. Interesting.

I have -no- idea what people are looking for with “paladin cheat”. Seriously. Maybe I should be searching on that. Hmm interesting that my Paladin Cheat Sheet is the #1 google result for “Paladin cheat”. Too bad that page isn’t actually about cheating. Sorry.


110 nostromo n52, nostromo
74 grid clique
26 trinket macros
13 cooldown pulse

MMMmm, love my Nostromo. Can’t imagine going back to playing without it. I’m disappointed with the number of searches for “grid clique”. I mean it’s a really good article.. and I even made a movie to go with it. Oh well. I guess I need to chat that up some more.. Hmmm what’re some good keywords on that.. will need to think about that for a while.

All about me:

116 mystic chicanery
1 dragons gone wild 08

Awww.. you guys are gonna make me blush. These two results could only be someone looking for me (or another movie I made). You’re too kind.

I’m sorry, what?

1050 uldaman map
227 blood elf crest
88 wow player rankings
54 rachet
51 blood elf, blood elves
19 deadmines
17 kargath
1 spell reflect kara

I’m not sure what caused the above to find me. I’ve mentioned these topics.. but they’re not really a focus. I’m also a little disappointed that my top search term “uldaman map” isn’t even something that’s a blog focus. I -think- some nefarious site has linked to my blog and is using me to load their images. Hrm.. may have to see about changing that. Other than that…. not sure why these people ended up here.. pretty sure they didn’t find the information they wanted.

This is not the blog you’re looking for:

36 druid wow, druid
24 ratings
18 wow player rating
1 warrior dps theorycraft

Let’s see.. for druids goto Of Teeth and Claws, Big Bear Butt Blogger, Resto4Life, or Balance of Power. They’re a much better source for druid info.

Ratings.. maybe check out Braids over at Out of Mana.

Warrior DPS theorycraft.. you got me there.. dunno. I haven’t seen any specific blogs. Try Elitist Jerks.

I’m a smidge disappointed that I didn’t have any results for “naga zombie porn” or something that interesting. *sigh* guess I’ll get over it.

5 thoughts on “Blog Narcisism

  1. Hmm that “Dragons gome wild” makes me laugh.

    Yet its amazing how people eventually find ones blog all the same. Quite funny though.

    Gratz on the 50K mark. Honors Code just hit his 50K past weekend also.

    Unfortunately i missed my 50K mark. Understandable since its not often i look at my sitemeter stats.

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing on my site about searches for gear. I found your list a while ago but was hesitant to recommend it because of all the hard to find tailoring patterns. On my server (Velen) only one guild on the Horde side is in BT and finding those patterns for me has been impossible. I love the additions you’ve made and will be linking to you in a rundown of my favorite gear lists for fellow searchers. Grats on 50k too 😉

  3. You do realise, of course, that by listing the search terms it’s now more likely that people looking for “warrior dps theorycraft”, for example, will wind up here.

    Actually even more now since I added in a comment.

  4. *snicker*

    I was actually hoping for more of the “zombi naga porn” folks.. but I’ll settle for what I can get.

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