Guild First: Bear Lord Nalorakk

Bear Boss dead West Kingdom was finally able to take down the bear boss so we can call this a “real” guild-only first (as opposed to the “sorta” guild first from a week ago).

We were: Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Shaed (Warrior Tank), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Spiralla (Shaman), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), and Stiletta (Rogue).

We had a lot of problems with the Medicine Men trash mobs. They throw down totems so quickly it’s hard to get them all down fast enough. Many many wipes. Finally we ended up ice-trapping everything else and DPSing down the Medicine Man as fast as possible with two(!) people solely on totem duty. On the last pull before the boss we had two of the mounted guys, a tribesman and a Medicine Man. We had Sibiy actually kite the Medicine Man almost all the way back to the entrance of the instance. While DPS and tanks focused on the mounted guys and (eventually) the trapped tribesman. When the trolls dismounted we had the tanks pickup the bears as quickly as possible. Around that time Sibiy died to the Medicine Man and he headed back to us. When the Medicine Man got to us Gongniu picked him up while Shaed picked up all the other mobs and DPS focused on Shaed’s mob.

I tried to heal Gongniu while helping to kill totems. It’s annoying that the totems had more health than a Holy Shock + Judgement of Righteousness. Between Gongniu and myself we kept the Medicine Man busy (and totemless) while the rest of the group finished everything else off. It was a close thing.. but it actually worked out fairly well.

We had a couple of snags in the boss fights. On the first pull I had forgotten about the roar the bear does that silences everyone.. so I’d forgotten to mention that the priest needed to HoT that tank before the roar. I have no HoTs so I forgot all about them. (Well.. to be truthful, this fight I actually used Gift of the Naaru hoping to edge out the Bear’s damage) On another pull the tanks didn’t stack up enough so one of them took a full cleave. On another we had one twitchy tank (not the same as last time) who taunted out of turn.

On the last attempt we actually lost a tank when the boss was a 20% just as he transitioned into Troll form. Luckily we were able to burn him down(go us!). He dropped [item]Jungle Stompers[/item] which Gongniu picked up

Relaxing Before the gauntletAfter bear we hurried over to bird boss. Here’s a shot relaxing before running the gauntlet. For this fight Sibiy (BM hunter) came in on Baldwyne (Paladin Tank). While waiting for Baldwyne to arrive we broke out the picnic baskets and pony keg. It’s been reported that the gauntlet is WAY more fun with the “I’m too drunk to see” blur is on the screen.

The last time we tried the gauntlet we had a Holy Paladin “tank” the birds while helping to heal the group. We made it through the gauntlet but the Holy Paladin took a ton of damage and required a dedicated healer. I have to say, the gauntlet is almost easy with a well geared pally tank. Baldwyn initially picked up just the bird but eventually he was also picking up the trolls in front. Once the trolls got stuck onto Baldwyne it was almost impossible to pull them off. I think next time we’ll have Baldwyne pull the front trolls and let the other tank pick up the back trolls and DPS down them one by one.

After the gauntlet we threw ourselves at the bird boss several times. I’m not entirely sure of the problem there.. but there was a lot of deaths. We called the run when the gauntlet respawned. It’s not that we couldn’t have run the gauntlet again.. but by that time it was already 11:20 and calling it then allowed people to do other things to end the night.

Lilac enabledFirstly we did a mass summons and got all of West Kingdom’s 70s (even the “I just dinged yesterday” 70s) into the ZA raid and out to ZA. Then they all got the quest from the NPC near the flight point and were able to complete the quest to pickup the (free) [item]Tattered Hexcloth Sack[/item]. So Lilac, newly 70, is the proud owner of an uber-spiff 20 slot bag. Yeah for easy epix.

After that I declared my intention to acquire the “Champion of the Naaru” title before WoTLK comes out (if you ding 71 before getting the title you can never get the title). Several folks decided that was a good idea and ran off to work on it.

I ended the night finishing up the fishing quest on Tatia. Someday we’ll face Lurker and I intend to fish him up.