Speccing Holy

70 specOMG! I got my first ever reader asking a question of me email! I’ve gotten emails in the past from Galo (Hi Galo) but that was more.. bloggers communing amongst themselves. This is an honest-to-god, I-read-your-blog-and-have-a-question-for-you email. I’m so excited!

Joey writes:

Hello great blog
I have always been a Prot spec pally and am nearing the big 60 level wise. I am thinking of switching to Holy for upper level content and I was wondering if u would share with me your spec and maybe some tips for levels 60 to 70. Thanks for any and all help you can provide.


OOO… I wrote about this a while ago but the topic deserves revisiting.

I played Tatia as Protection from levels ~15-66. At 66 I respec’d Holy as a try-it-out suggestion from my fiancee and found healing to be less frustrating than tanking.

I hit 70 just after completing the quests in Nagrand. I’ve since then gone back to complete the quests in Terrokar and I’m looking to start the quests in Blade’s Edge Mountains. It -is- possible to level/quest as Holy.. but I think it would be pretty painful if you didn’t add some Retribution/DPS talents into your build. If you were ONLY raiding then some of the talents suggested might not be your best choice.

To this end my build has a primary focus and a secondary focus.

Primary focus: Have all of the talents I see as critical to being the best healer I can be.
Secondary focus: Grab enough talents to improve my DPS and make soloing less painful.

Here’s the talents I see as critical to healing

In the above, I had to throw 5 points into Divine Strength as a placeholder to get the tool to give me the talents further down in the tree. So really there’s only 36 points in Holy that I think are critical for healing.. but you have to spend 41 points in Holy to get down to all of the critical healing skills.

This leaves me with 25 points to spend for me (ie not for the guild) and of those, at least 5 of them must be spent in the Holy tree.

Things that add to my DPS in solo:
(Holy) 5/5 Improved Seal of Righteousness 15% more umph to SoR/JoR
(Holy) 1/1 Holy Shock. Instant offensive spell with a range. The healing part is negligible so not critical to healing
(Ret) 2/2 Improved Judgement. Reduce Judgement cooldown by 2 seconds.
(Ret) 3/3 Improved Seal of the Crusader. Better SotC. +3% crit for everyone hitting that target.
(Ret) 5/5 Conviction. 5% more melee crit
(Ret) 2/2 Improved Retribution Aura. More damage from Ret aura. Kind of weak though.
(Prot) 3/3 Precision. 3% more melee/spell hit
(Prot) 1/1 Blessing of Kings. Very nice buff to be able to give to group.

(Ret) 5/5 Improved Blessing of Might. 20% more Attack Power from BoM. Looks nice.. but considered kind of weak as a 5 point talent.
(Ret) 5/5 Benediction. Reduct mana cost of judgement/seal by 15%
(Holy) 2/2 Improved Blessing of Wisdom. 20% more umph to BoW
(Holy) 1/1 Aura Mastery. Really this is ancillary to healing. In groups, it’s good to have my aura range=my heal range. I hate that I have to spend points on this. AND most of the time I’m in melee with the tank.. so I really hate to spend points on this.

As a Holy/{dps} hybrid, given the “critical to healing” skills I listed above you can’t really get to any of the really juicy AOE tanking skills in the Protection tree. This means you’re probably going to be taking on mobs in groups of 1-2. You want more focused DPS. Also, ideally you’ll focus on a fight sequence that will benefit from the +spell you’re getting from wearing your +healing gear. Your fight sequence will be: Retribution Aura, Blessing of Wisdom, Seal of Crusader/Judgement, Seal of Righteousness, Holy Shock/Exorcism. Judge Righteousness and holy shock when cooldown is up. Talents that benefit these spells will do you the most good in solo.

If I were 60 I think I would go with this build:

This give you most of the nice-to-have DPS talents while leaving you a very strong healer.

As you level.. if you find that you’re in groups a lot then the last 7 points I’d probably do Option A and put in Improved Devotion Aura 5/5 and then Precision to 2/3. If you find that you’re doing more solo (Option B) I’d go 5/5 Conviction and then maybe 2/2 in Improved Retribution Aura.

Option A:
Option A
OR Option B:
Option B

The reasoning.. I actually prefer Precision to Conviction. You can only crit if you hit first. So it’s more important to hit the mob than to crit when you do hit the mob. BUT in solo I don’t see any benefit to having Improved Devotion Aura since you’ll probably be running Retribution Aura. Improved Devotion Aura is a little bit weak for a 5 point talent.. but you’ll find that if you’re grouping a lot that you use that aura almost exclusively. So any improvement will benefit your group more. Once you take Conviction it’s really a choice between Improve Blessing of Might and Improved Retribution Aura. Improved Blessing of Might looks nice.. but really you only ever end up casting that on Rogues.. and maybe Hunters.. so it’s not a univerally helpful talent. Improved Retribution Aura is a kind of weak. But in solo you are going to be using that aura.. so any improvement is good.

The next talents I’d fill out would be Improved Blessing of Wisdom 2/2 and finally I’d take Divine Illumination 1/1. Improved Blessing of Wisdom directly benefits you. More mana regen is good. When grouped with a Pally tank they’ll love you for the added mana regen. Divine Illumination is the last of the must-have healer skill. Be sure to add it to your macros to get best use out of it.

So there you have it. I think at 70, running Kara I’d use something like this: 44/7/10 assuming that you were still doing solo DPS outside of your kara group.