Lilac: PVP Goddess (AKA sucking less than the rest of the team)

Oh, I almost forgot. I did two Warsong Gulch’s yesterday with Lilac. Both times at the end Lilac was #1 on the alliance-side for amount healed.

Lilac… the warlock. Number one healer. That’s disgusting. Tatia is cringing on the inside.

When I appeared in the flag room I looked around at the rest of my team. I’ve never PVPd on Lilac before and I’ve only done WSG on a level 19 Blood Elf Paladin. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. While I was wondering “what am I doing here” right in front of me a pair of purple/red wings sprouted from someone’s back.

First thought: Wow, that’s cool!
Second thought: What is that? *inspect Darkmaiden*
Third thought: Oh cool.. that’s the PVP gear. She has it all.. She must be good. I’ll follow her and do what she does.
Fourth thought: oh.. she has a felguard.. that means she’s destruction. Hrm. I’ll follow her anyway.

Doors open.. People fly out the doors and then stop short as soon as they get outside. Oh, cool. Guess you can use your mount here. *mount up* Run across the field. See all the red names streaming in the opposite direction on the other side of the field. All 10 allies zerg the horde flag room. Rawr! And are then mowed down by the 4 hordies that had stayed back to guard the flag. Horde captures alliance flag.

I stuck with Darkmaiden until my second death. She didn’t seem to do anything terribly special. Run across field, zerg flagroom, die. Run across field, zerg flagroom, die. I thought about it for a second and decided I liked dotting people more. So I found a nice bush near the horde starting area.. hid myself deep in the bush and dotted everyone who came within range. In the end I think I killed 18-19 people. Rawr!

Both WSG showed Lilac as Alliance-side #2 on damage dealt. Dark Maiden came in at #3.

SERIOUSLY! Lilac the newbie PVPers should -not- be #2 in damage dealt. That was a lot of suck.

*sigh* PVP

3 thoughts on “Lilac: PVP Goddess (AKA sucking less than the rest of the team)

  1. Welcome to WSG ^^

    A few points :-

    If she’s using a felguard, she’s 41 points into demonology. Its highly unlikely she dumped the remaining 20 into destruction since she cant even get Ruin… more likely she’s affliction/demonology.

    Regarding damage dealt in WSG… it’s kind meaningless since the only way to win is for your team to cap 3 flags. So to be fair to her, she’s probably focusing more on capturing the enemy flag or helping the flag carrier, and not on killing people. In WSG I usually tag along behind the flag carrier to coil/fear/howl/curse of exhaustion the enemies, not focus on kills. Usually teams that concentrate on killing people (aka farm HKs in midfield) lose in WSG.

    About spelldamage in general, generally pvp sets have a lot less spelldamage than pve sets and they stack more stamina and resilience. So, newbie PVPers tend to output higher damage – but are very, very fragile.

    good luck in PVP~!

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