Lilac Peeking into Kara

Before the horror that is my computer occurred.. Lilac went into Kara. West Kingdom’s regular Kara team made it through Attuman, Moroes and Maiden.

We’re trying to start up two kara teams. Lilac got a seat as DPS in the “regular” team.

We were: Baldwyne (Protection Pally), Pheefee (Protection Warrior), Ireena (Holy Priest), Seanarra (Holy Pally), Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock), Merindaer (Mage), Chulong (Rogue), Irongrimm (Hunter), Erasmmus (Fire Mage), and Knunn (Rogue).

We started out with Ironguts (Protection Warrior) off-tanking.. but switched him to main-tank for Maiden (because of the silences) and found that she smashed him flat. He is still a little bit away from uncrittable/uncrushable. He’s been told to work on that before next week.

Lilac was averaging around 280-320 DPS. This is -way- too low. I need to boost that by at least 100. Despite her low DPS she did come out of there with [item]Harbinger Bands[/item].

Ok.. low-hanging fruit:
– Stock up on [item]Elixir of Major Shadow Power[/item] Fiancee is Elixir spec and has the recipe.
– Stock up on stat food.
– Get an off-hand item. (quest reward from Sethekk hall quest looks good).
– Do quest “The Horrors of Pollution” @ Netherstorm to get trinket [item]Starkiller’s Bauble[/item]. Quest comes from item dropped off of Congealed Void Horror (54.6,44). May need 2 ppl.
– Do quest “The Hound-Masterâ€? @ Blade’s Edge Mountain to get [item]Natasha’s Arcane Filament[/item]
– Get Spellstrike set crafted.
– Gem Head piece
– Get shoulder enchant.
– Enchant cloak Subtlety
– *sigh* pvp WSG more for cuffs
– Get 400 rings for Scryer rep.

7 thoughts on “Lilac Peeking into Kara

  1. I’m a warrior gearing up to tank Kara on Coilfang, so I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would shoot you a link that might help your tank. I know unsolicited advice is generally FTL, so feel free to ignore me, of course. 🙂

    A few of his greens have really easy-to-obtain blue items that will get him pretty darn close to uncrushable. I used “Polar’s Easy Pre-Karazhan Tanking Gear List,” and it is the most amazing thing because it doesn’t include badge gear, heroic gear, or 5-man instance gear (that gear is of course awesome, but not always reasonable to obtain for a beginning tank). If he combines that list with another good gear list (many are stickied on the official warrior forums) that does include the 5-man instance drops that Polar leaves out, he’ll have a great idea of what is an improvement for him and how to get it.


    I love your blog, it’s been very encouraging to read about your guild’s progress. My guild isn’t quite ready to take ten of our own in yet, but we’re getting there! Thanks for providing some great blog reading 🙂

    Lysanne – Coilfang (US)

  2. Just to clarify, I had armory’ed Ironguts, not Pheefee when I wrote the above comment. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comments! I’ll pass them on to Ironguts.

    He’s newly 70 and anxious to tank Kara. We’ve adjusted our teams to have two kara teams and our regular warrior tank, Gongniu, is on the other team. All of a sudden West Kingdom has a lot of newly-70 tanks. It’ll be fun to get them all through the content.

  4. (Take all of this with a large grain of salt…only typing what I did, and that’s very likely not the best way to gear up)

    For gear before kara, I did a lot of dungeon runs. Totally armorying you to try and come up with ideas now 😛

    For a cloak, I’d suggest the [item]Sethekk Oracle Cloak[/item] ( drops from Ikiss in both normal and heroic. I used [item]Baba’s Cloak of Arcanistry[/item] ( Pathaleon in Mech for a while since I could never get the Ikiss one to drop, but once I did I totally switched to it for the +hit. I’m still using it beyond Kara, but that’s more since Malchezaar hasn’t dropped his for me yet.

    Oh yeah, the metagem from spirit shards [Nibuca edited to add: [item]Swift Starfire Diamond[/item] +12 spell dmg minor run speed increase for 8 spirit shards] is quite nice for what you pay for it. I used the same helm with that metagem and a red +spell dmg when starting Kara. I’m not sure how you are on badges, but I’d highly suggest taking the [item]Icon of the Silver Crescent[/item] ( as your first item, followed by the [item]Carved Witch Doctor’s Stick[/item] ( You can also use [item]The Black Stalk[/item] ( if you prefer to save badges, but the Witch Doctor with a Glowing Nightseye ( is quite nice and should last a while. I’m still on it, and I don’t think I have seen any casters in our guild replace it yet and we’re working on SSC/TK now. Not sure if there is any re-gemming going on with it or not, but I know a few of us use that specific gem in it.

    When it comes to offhands, I used the [item]Star-Heart Lamp[/item] ( when I was going into Kara, but that was more of what I had at the time vs what was the best thing to get. If you want to badge up an offhand, I’m currently using the [item]Orb of the Soul-Eater[/item] ( and I’m finding it quite nice for an affliction warlock. It has a +51 shadow dmg effect on it, but I didn’t get it until after Kara due to the ease of getting badges in there vs repeatedly running only heroics. The combination of the two leads to some nice badge totals.

    Oh, if you can or feel like possibly running dungeons over get at least two pieces of the Oblivion set for the pet mp5 bonus for your imp (I had the gloves and the pants). The imp is practically a mana battery with dark pact as it is, but when you throw the additional mp5 in to the mix it helps out a good deal for maintaining some dps going when you are starting up on raids.

    I can’t remember what else I had before raiding, but I’m sure I’ll remember later. Feel free to listen or dismiss any of that wall of text I just put up, It’s not necessarily right because I did it 😛

  5. My guild warlock does about 750-800 dos, he’s also the GM. His gear is a mix of Arena/Honor gear/Badge gear with just a few Kara pieces. Needless to say he’s also the highest dpser in the guild. But he consistently in those number rangers in Heroics and Kara and thats captured from Recount.

  6. Haha, I forgot you had that list made already! Now that I think about it, I remember using it as a guideline for what to look for before I started Kara as well. Also I remember that I had been trying to hit 700 +dmg beforehand, but I’m not sure if I did or not. I was definitely over 600 unbuffed though, so I probably had it with fel armor up. More importantly though, I found trying to up +hit a great boon to sustained dps. A miss or resist here and there really messed me up, so the hit rating was a nice addition. I’m not hit capped yet, but every bit helps.

    Oh and thanks for fixing the links in my previous comment…didn’t know how to do the itemlinks, so I just pasted them.

  7. @Agador,

    Your recommendations are very close to my “List of Affliction Warlock pre-Kara DPS Gear“. Lilac is slowly working her way towards those things. I’ll go ahead and update the list with the things you listed that I hadn’t listed.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’m aware Warlocks can do mad DPS. In our guild ZERG group last night Magicweaver, another guild warlock, was at 563 dps. She’s also undergeared 😉 I’m working up to it. Hopeful to blow the BM Hunters off the list 😉

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