ZergWith all the computer excitement I forgot to mention. West Kingdom fielded a zerg group into Kara on Monday. The mandate of the zerg group is to attempt Kara only one night a week and is to down as many bosses as possible.

This week the Zerg group consisted of:
Gongniu (Protection Warrior Tank), Dhimmi (Protection Paladin OT), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Validor (Holy Paladin), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Odisia (Mage), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Spiralla (Shaman), Raouen (MM Hunter), Magicweaver (Destruction Warlock).

In four hours they completed everything except Nightbane and Netherspite. They -did- make 3 attempts at Nightbane early in the night but after the 3rd attempt they decided to save him for the end of the night.

The current plan is that toons that are interested and qualified to be part of the Zerg group but had to sit it out this week, have priority next week. We’ll see how that goes.

Qualifications currently as follows:

Regular Kara Run:
– Must have Master’s Key (until 2.4)
– Must be 70
– Must have ability to at least listen in on Ventrillo
– Must have threat meter

uncrittable/uncrushable(except bear), 11.5k HP, 10k Armor
800+ healing, 7k HP, 8k Mana, 80 MP5
300 (500+ preferred) DPS, 8k HP,

Zerg Kara Run:
All of the regular requirements plus:
All gear that can be must be gemmed and enchanted(enchant/glyph/armor kit). Green gems and low-level enchants are acceptable but not preferred.
uncrittable/uncrushable(except bear), 13k HP, 12k Armor
1.5k+ healing, 7.2k HP, 8k Mana, 80-100 MP5
550+ (600+ preferred) DPS, 8k HP,


Note: 39.4 Resilience = 60 Defense Rating = 25 Defense Skill = 1% less chance of being Crit.

Protection Warriors:
Defense: 490 Defense Equivalent
Armor: 12k (early Kara), 15k+ (later Kara)
Health: around 11k (early Kara); as much as possible (later Kara)
Avoidance: 102.4% with shield block up

Feral Druid Bear:
Defense: 415 defense and Survival of the Fittest talent
Armor: 20k (early Kara), 25k+ armor (later Kara)
Health: 12k health (early Kara), 16k+ (later Kara)
Dodge: 20% (early Kara), 25%+ (later Kara)
AP: 1k (early Kara), 1.1k+ (later Kara)
Crit chance: 20%

Protection Paladins:
Defense: 490 Defense Equivalent
Armor: 11k+(early Kara), 14k+ (later Kara)
Health: 11.5k+ (early Kara); anything higher =D (later Kara)
Spell Damage: 100 (early Kara), 250 (later Kara)
Avoidance: 102.4% with Holy Shield up


Holy Priests:
Mana: 7200 Mana (early Kara), 8500+ (later Kara)
Healing: 1000 (early Kara), 1600+ (later Kara)
MP5: 100 MP5 while casting (early Kara), 130 MP5 (later Kara)
Health: 7200 Health (early Kara), 8k (later Kara)

Resto Druids:
Mana: 7500 mana (early Kara), 8500+ (later Kara)
Healing: 1000+ (early Kara), 1400+ (later Kara)
MP5: 90 MP5 while casting (early Kara), 120 MP5 (later Kara)

Holy Paladins:
Mana: 7000 mana (early Kara), 9000+ (later Kara)
Healing: 1000 (early Kara), 1500+ (later Kara)
MP5: 80 MP5 while casting
Spell Crit: 12% (early Kara), 15%+ (later Kara)

Restoration Shamans:
Mana: 8500 (early Kara), 9500+ (later Kara)
Healing: 1100+ (early Kara), 1400+ (later Kara)
MP5: 90 MP5 while casting (early Kara), 120 MP5 (later Kara)

Melee DPS:

AP: 1300+ (early Kara), 1500+ (later Kara)
Hit: 6% (early Kara)
Crit: 20% (early Kara)
Early Kara: Your hit rating and crit chance rating combined should be around 10%, for later Karazhan it should equal around 15%
If desired: Hit rating of 308.1 along with Precision and Weapon Expertise to theoretically never miss. Don’t sacrifice too much AP for it, but try to get hit rating high early on.

Enhancement Shamans:
AP: 1100 (early Kara), 1300 (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 15% (early Kara), 20%+ (later Kara)
Hit: 6% (early Kara), 9%+ (later Kara)

Feral Druid Cat:
AP: 1800 (early Kara), 2500+ (later Kara)
Crit chance: 20% (early Kara), 25%+ (later Kara)

Arms Warriors:
AP: 1100+ (early Kara), 1600+ (later Kara)
Hit: 3% (early Kara), 5% (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 25% (early Kara), 30%+ (later Kara)

Fury Warriors:
AP: 1400+ (early Kara), 1700+ (later Kara)
Hit: 10% (early Kara), 12%+ (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 20% (early Kara), 25%+ (later Kara)

Ret Paladins:

Ranged DPS:

Hunters Beast Mastery:
AP: 1400 (early Kara)
Hit: 5% (early Kara), 8%+ (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 15% (early Kara), 20% (later Kara)

Hunters Marskman:
AP: 1700 (early Kara)
Hit: 5% (early Kara), 8%+ (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 20% (early Kara), 25% (later Kara)

Hunters Survival:
AP: 1500+ (early Kara)
Agility: 700+ (early Kara), 800+ (later Kara)
Hit: 5% (early Kara), 8%+ (later Kara)
Crit Chance: 20% (early Kara), 25%+ (later Kara)

Balance Druids:
Spell damage: 500+ (early Kara), 750+ (later Kara)
Spell Hit: 6%+ (early Kara), 8%+ (later Kara)
Spell Crit: 15%+ (early Kara), 18%+ (later Kara)

Spell Damage (in your school): 600+ (early Kara), 800+ (later Kara)
Spell Hit: 6% (early Kara), 9% (later Kara)
Spell Crit: Aim for 20%+

Shadow Priests:
Mana: 7500 Mana
Spell Damage: 600+ (early Kara), 900+ (later Kara)
Spell Hit: 6% (early Kara), 8% (later Kara)

Elemental Shamans:
Mana: 8000+ (early Kara), 9000+ (later Kara)
Spell Damage: 500+ (early Kara), 800+ (later Kara)
Spell Crit: 15% (early Kara), 18% (later Kara)

Destruction/Demonology Warlocks:
Spell Damage: 550+ (early Kara), 850+ (later Kara)
Spell Hit Rating: 64 (5%) (early Kara), 108 (202 is better) (later Kara)
Spell Crit: 12% (early Kara), 15%+ (later Kara)

Affliction Warlocks:
Shadow Damage: 550+ (early Kara), 850+ (later Kara)
Spell Hit Rating: 64 (5%) (early Kara), 108 (202 is better) (later Kara)

6 thoughts on “Zerg!

  1. Heh, if I had gotten the gear and enchants I was looking for, I would’ve been in good shape for Kara, then… You could easily be 28% crit as a Survival Hunter with 800 agility. 🙂

    The 1500 AP might take a little doing, though. I’d say shoot for around 1400 AP, any survival hunter worth his salt can definitely do 500 DPS before that mark (I know I was).

    Great list, I’ll thank you on behalf of everybody who doesn’t know they need it yet! 😉


  2. Seem like you will be putting some good standard benchmark in place for your regular newer Kara group and you Veteran Zerg group. Should allow for less hasel and faster runs if most people meet those numbers or at least spend time working on their gear to qualify for those benchmark numbers.

    As a Tank (Paladin) I rather see a Tank in solid tank gear blues or badge with lots of defense vs resilience (pvp). Though having the resilience may be good to reduce crit rating. Having real defense is much better as it improve dodge/parry/block all togeather.

    Seem your guild should do well having some standard of gear to aim for vs just whoever wants to go on just any run can go with some level of gear standard. While I don’t know all the exact numbers for all the other class but the Tanks they do at least seem like fairly achievable numbers if people do spend time working to improve their gear and doing the necessary gear enchanting and geming.

    My guild don’t have such a standard or as yet. Quite frankly I wish it did, it would have some gear standard when it comes to raiding and would make raid performance more smoother. So far it hasn’t been the case for a variety of reasons. Hopefully this implementation will work to make your guild members raiding of higher quality.

  3. Few comments, hope you don’t mind about requiremetns you said there…

    First about tanks:
    “uncrittable/uncrushable(except bear), 11.5k HP, 10k Armor”

    Uncritable (490 defense) – true: a must. Uncrushable not true.
    To be uncrushuble you need a very specific gear from T6 and BT crafted peaces. If you meant on a uncrashable with a shield block, every warrior lvl16 and up have it – it just require a little skill 🙂

    Second comment is regarding warlock crit.
    Why would a warlock NEED a 15% crit for Kara? Most of the afflic warlocks gear have very little int and no crit on it. Crit is almost useless for afflic locks, it’s nice to have but it’s not requirement at all

  4. OOoo! Good feedback. Keep in mind, I play a Holy Pally and a (baby) Affliction Warlock so any feed back on other classes (or even those classes) is welcome.

    I’m trying to set the bar low. It’s not my intention to prevent people from joining the regular Kara based on the list.. it’s more giving them something to strive for. I know that at least for the Holy Pally/Affliction beginning Kara lists you can easily pass that based on crafted/5-man gear.. but it still takes works.

    WRT: Uncrushable.
    I updated the warrior requirement to “Avoidance: 102.4% with shield block up” and the Pally requirement to “Avoidance: 102.4% with Holy Shield up”

    I also broke Warlocks out into two groups (Destruction/Demonology and Affliction). I’m a little vague on reasonable stats for a Demonology spec’d warlock so I grouped it with Destruction.

    Initially I didn’t do this because when I looked at Lilac (my Affliction Loc) she has 9% crit so 12% seemed reasonable to achieve. Even though it’s not the optimal stat.. I’ve found that 40%+ of my damage comes from Shadow Bolts.. and crits are useful for those.

  5. Grats on blasting through kara. I hope your zerg groups get better.. Right now our kara “zerg” group can do a FULL clear in kara in about 3.5 hours.

    Once you get the right amount of tanks, healers and DPS it becomes as easy as running something long like SL.

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