99% Hit on non-bosses

So lacking actual playtime (I mean really, do you want to hear more about fishing on a laptop?) I’ve been playing around with Warcrafter. Specifically looking at Lilac and deciding on gear. I’m resolved that she needs to get 202 spell hit for boss fights.. but for questing/non-boss fight 202 is overkill. In fact at those times she only needs 64 spell hit rating.

In playing around with gear I’ve figure out that if she’s wearing the Frozen Shadoweave set and Spellstike set with a [item]Glyph of Power[/item] she needs only 4 more spell hit rating for non-boss fights. That’s even before I jam gems into the gear. So just those 5 pieces plus one gem will be sufficient for non-boss fights. This will allow me to pick the highest +dmg/+shadow damage gear for all the other spots.. and only switch them out for boss fights. It also allowed me to pick different gems than just the +spell hit gems. I’ve modeled it here.

For gems I used Solid Star of Elune for the blues, Runed Living Ruby for all the reds, Gleaming Dawnstone(use this if you like crit) Potent Noble Topaz (for the crit and spell damage) for all of the yellow except one. On the last yellow spot I placed a Veiled Noble Topas to get the +5 spell hit. I wish there was a yellow +spell damage or +shadow damage gem(Thanks Siha!). As it is I’m satisfied with using the yellow spots to add to my spell crit.

I still need to play with it further.. but I”m pretty certain I’m going to need a bunch of different configurations for armor. Two main: Boss (with 202 spell hit rating and highest possible spell damage), Trash (with 64 spell hit rating and highest possible spell damage). And then a couple of different accessory sets: high stamina set, an arcane resist set, shadow resist, fire resist.

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  1. “I wish there was a yellow +spell damage or +shadow damage gem.”

    – How about Potent Noble Topaz (4 Spell Crit, 5 Spell Damage)?

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