Continued Computer Woes

Sad ComputerWe got the computer back late yesterday. After 2 hours of fiddling with it I concluded it’s still broken.

Symptoms: Runs for a little bit.. then Internet connection seems to stutter (Ventrilo would stop transmitting but still show as connected.. if I disconnect/reconnect then I could again hear/talk.. but it would stop working without warning).. or the app I’m currently working with locks up. My mouse still moves around the screen and sometimes I can still open other apps. Eventually I can’t get to the start menu. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn’t bring up anything. Also had a couple BSOD when installing device drivers.

*sigh* Fiancee is taking it back to the shop today.

Problems started when I installed the new hard drive.

Things that haven’t fixed the problem:
– Reinstalled Windows.
– Removed new hard drive and went back to original setup.
– Removed old hard drive and put new windows install onto new hard drive.
– Replaced power supply.

I suspect that either the memory chips or one of the other devices are damaged. Hopefully the shop will get it figured out shortly.

6 thoughts on “Continued Computer Woes

  1. How old is the pc?

    It seems your pumping a lot of money and effort into it. With the price of hardware vs what the shop charges for labor it may be more cost effective to just buy a new machine.

    This is assuming the current system that’s giving you problems is out of warranty, in need of upgrades and that the shop is going to charge you a lot of labor to diagnose and attempt to fix it. And if you have any other issues or want to upgrade it, you’ll be putting mroe money into the same system.

    This may not be the case for you but was just the feeling I got reading about all you’ve tried to do so far.

  2. The computer’s only about a year old. I’m unhappy at how much it’s costing to fix.. but at this point I think I’m past the point of giving up and buying a new computer.

  3. The problem definately seems hardware related considering that after reformatting and even trying 2 different hard drives your still having problems.

    Is this a computer that was custom built or a branded PC (Dell, HP, etc)

    If it’s a dell or similar brand it should be covered under their support. You may have to ship it to them for repairs but at least you’d get it back in full working order.

    If this computer was custom built each hardware component whould be covered by it’s own warranty. You should try to narrow down the problem to determine which component to replace.

    Bad RAM can cause some pretty wierd behavior. Try http://www.memtest.org to test the RAM’s integrity.

    You can assume the HDD is not the problem being you’ve tried 2 different drives with the same issues still cropping up.

    I assume with the complete rebuilds you’ve tried running the pc with minimal software installed (just wow, ventrilo, and other nessesities) and we all know that these programs should work just fine together and it has worked just fine for you in the past.

    This may be a temperature issue. Overheating of the CPU or Chipset on the motherboard could cause some of these issues also. You can see the temperature levels for you computer by accessing the system BIOS. You can try this from a cold bootup and write down the results and then try accessing again after your computer has been idle for an hour or so. Then the stress testing – play WoW, run ventrilo, when your computer locks up restart it and go into the BIOS and see what the temperature is now.

    There are also programs that can monitor the temerature from inside windows. I use a utility that came with my motherboard to do this but I’m sure there are some free 3rd party programs out there. http://www.hmonitor.net is one that was refrenced from a search I did but I’ve never used it so use your own judgement if selecting a 3rd party app.

    Temperatures below 55C would be ideal. If your temperatures go about 85C your in trouble. CPU life cycle will be greatly hindered. It may work for a year or two at 85C but it may not and anything above will make its life that much shorter and you will have issues like you described.

    The quicker you can diagnose this problem the better, and then work with your vender either Dell or the component manufacturer directly.

    Feel free to email directly izo@murderingmurlocs.com

  4. I knew I couldn’t get through that whole post without a typo but that last one really bothers me =P

    *Feel free to email me directly

    [Edited 😉 it’s like it never happened ]

  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll definitely look into the temperature when I get it back.

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