I quip because I love

Fiancee just called to say that computer is coming home tonight. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get back to generating actual content again 😉

In the meantime, recent quips for your enjoyment.

On Thursday we ran an almost impromptu Gruul’s. We didn’t have all our regular toons available so we were scrounging whoever we could get to fill all the roles. Our standard Gruul’s run requires at least two warlocks to control the felhounds that HKM’s Warlock summons. As we were forming up the raid only Kismett (destruction warlock) was available. We were going to be short a warlock. Other people chatted about bringing in their warlock alts.

Chulong said: Magicweaver’s dps is low. She may need to work on her spell rotation.
Me: I thought destruction’s spell rotation was Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt.
Kismett (regular Gruul’s run destruction warlock): You forgot Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt.


This weekend we attended an SCA crown tournament. SCA is a medieval recreation group. The crown tournament is a double-elimination heavy marshal combat tournament (full armor with rattan swords) where the winner will become the next king of our kingdom. Fiancee fought in the tournament. He wears leather armor that has been stained green (it’s his favorite color). As he was taking the field Sae, another SCA member who’s also in our guild, snarked at him:

“I don’t know how you can expect to win the crown tournament in only green armor.”


After the tournament there was an auction to raise funds for a future event. At the action there was a -beautiful- stainless steel helm. Sae won the helm with a $800 bid. After the auction he quiped: “I got a purple epic drop”. To which I replied “Nah, it’s purple crafted.”

He’s planning to have an aventail applied to the helm. We decided that’d be the equivalent of applying an armor kit to the helm.


On Sunday Nightshade (has some toons in West Kingdom guild and also in Infamous guild (#3 guild on server)) went to finals with Illadore (a female fencer) in the rapier competition. Between semi-finals and finals they took a short break. During the break Leo, who plays Khoss (resto shaman), asked Nightshade, “Have you guys gotten Illidan down yet?” Nightshade replied: “No, we’re in finals.”