Productively unproductive

FocusI accomplished exactly three things yesterday.
– Tweaked a macro into submission.
– Helped guildies to setup focus macros and to setup grid+clique.
– I acquired all but 2 Primal Mights that I need to make Lilac’s Spellfire Pants. I have the mats for the Primal Mights, I just need to get them transmuted tonight. Then I will possess pants of awesome 😉 Hrm.. guess I need gems. *sigh* it never ends.

The night actually started off by helping Zynnia, one of our priests, to setup a focus macro for Shackling. First we played with her addons. To use the focus macros best she needed to have some kind of unit frame installed that would show her focus on her screen. I use Pitbull.. You can use ag-Unitframes… or Perl. Those are good choices if you already have them installed. Otherwise the addon “FocusFrame” is a nice minimal addon that only adds the focus to your screen. Luckily she already had Pitbull installed. We just had to tweak her settings so that “focus” was one of the units shown on her screen. Then we started in on the macros.

Focus macro:

/focus [target=mouseover]
/stopmacro [target=mousover, exists]
/clearfocus [target=mouseover,noexists]

Make this into a macro. Use any icon you want. Put it on a button that has a keybinding (IE, I use CTRL+5). Mouseover a unit and hit the keybinding. That will set the unit under your mousepointer to be your focus. Mouse over a spot where there is no unit and hit the keybinding again and it will clear your focus (ie, make it so nothing is your focus). Although this isn’t strictly necessary for the focus-CC it does help in cases where you need to change your focus rapidly. (Ie, in the middle of the fight where things are going sour and the tank screams “OMG, shackle {some target}”

Shackle macro:

/clearfocus [target=focus,dead] [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Shackle

Make this into a macro. Use the “?” icon. This will end up showing the “Shackle” icon. To use: If you have no focus then target a mob and hit the macro. This will set that mob to be your focus. If the mob is shacklable, it will then cast shackle on. If you have a focus then this will shackle your focus. Watch the icon on your focus mob to see the cooldown timer. Hit the macro to reshackle as the timer winds down.

If Lilac is asked to banish a mob then before the fight I will mouse over the mob and set it to be my focus (macro 1). Then I’ll target the kill mob (usually skull). When the pull is made I’ll click on my banish macro (to banish my focus) (macro 2) and then hit my DPS spells to start damaging the kill target. I’ll keep one eye on my focus so that I know what’s happening if my banish breaks early. When the banish timer gets to ~2 I’ll hit the banish macro button again to banish the mob again.

Zynnia and I ran off just south of Honor Hold to practice shackling the undead mobs down there. We had a good chat and I’m confident she has a better grasp on how the focus macros work.

After we were done with that Zynnia stayed in group with me so I could fiddle with my raid icon macro. I mentioned it briefly in yesterday’s post. One of the “features” of 2.4 is that you can now include raid icons into chat messages. So for example:

/say Hunter please trap {square}

Will says “Hunter please trap” and then put the little blue square symbol after that. It’s very cool. But I wanted it to be a little bit more automated. So that I could update my macro so that when I use a CC ability it would report who I used it on. After a lot of fiddling I came up with the following:

#showtooltip Banish
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Banish
/run local x = GetRaidTargetIndex(�focus�) or "0" SendChatMessage(’Banishing ‘..UnitName("focus")..’ {rt’..x..’}.’,'SAY’)

(keep in mind I’m quoting this from memory. I’ll update it tonight if I got the syntax wrong)

It -mostly- works. It will say “Banishing … {rt0}” instead of a symbol if your focus has no raid symbol. It will probably error if you hit this macro with neither a focus nor a target. It’s 253 chars long so I had to be frugal with my functionality.

I’m really hoping they implement a %rt like the %t. That would make this -so- much easier.

Just after I’d finished messing with that Khoss asked if I had a few moments to discuss Grid+Clique. I said sure and then had him meet me in Shattrath. We dropped down to another channel in Ventrillo but were eventually joined by a couple of other guildies. 🙂

We spent probably 2 hours fiddling with Grid, Clique and discussing the uses and settings. I’ve discussed Grid and Clique before in this post. See also Grid User’s Guide on Wow Forums.

We did a session of “going splat in Shatt” (though technically we were just outside of Shatt). In short, get on your flying mount. Fly straight up in the air. Dismiss your mount. Take falling damage. Heal the damage. This allowed us to very easily (and somewhat safely) test Grid’s functionalities. Being outside Shatt also allowed us to duel one another to test out the cleansing capabilities using Grid+clique. Though we did have to recruit fiancee’s rogue for the easy poisons.

So although I spent all night on the game.. I didn’t really accomplish anything. I still have a warm glow-y feeling. So I guess I’m ok with it.

At the end of the night I went on a spending spree.. and pretty much bankrupted all my toons. In the end I now -have- the [item]Spellstrike Hood[/item] and all of the mats except for 2 primal mights (have the mats for the mights) to make the [item]Spellstrike Pants[/item]. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make them tonight.