Daily Fatigue

There’s too many dailies. I can’t come up with an efficient path to complete them all. Especially when Lilac can’t use the special taxi between Skettis and Ogri’la. *sigh*

So.. assuming I start in Shatt…
My current route:
– Pick up 4 quests in Shatt (readings, sunfury plans, phase shifted, gathering flowers).
– Taxi from Shatt to Nagrand, complete Nagrand readings quest.
– Taxi from Nagrand to Allerian, complete 1-2 Skettis quests.
– Taxi from Skettis to Ogri’la (or Allerian to Sylvanarr if not enough faction to use Sha’tari Skyguard taxi), complete 1-4 Ogri’la quests (get speed buff)
– Fly from Ogri’la to Bash’ir’s Landing, complete phase shifted quest.
– Fly from Bashir’s Landing to Area-52, complete Sunfury Plans quest.
– Fly from Area-52 to Doomlord Kazzak’s area (fly across grey void), complete 2 HFP quests.(should I be trying to do the daily HFP PVP quests?)
– Taxi from HFP to Shatt, Shatt to Isle of Quel’dori, complete 4+ SSO quests.
– Hearth back to Shatt.

It used to be, when I had just the 6 Ogri’la+Skettis quests, I could complete them, with travel time, in just under an hour. I have no idea how long it takes to complete all of them now. I usually get about half way through and I’ll get invited into a dungeon 😉 Add to that, I keep forgetting to pick up the fishing/cooking quests *sigh*.

It’s the last day of the month. If you haven’t already done it, go get yer gems!
Need decent gems for Spellstrike Hood and pants for Lilac. (2x Runed Living Ruby, 2x Potent Noble Topaz. 2x Solid Star of Elune)
Need enchants for Lilac’s stuff. (Weapon-Major Spellpower (8x Large Prismatic Shard
8x Greater Planar Essence), Cloak-Subtlety (4x Small Prismatic Shard, 2x Greater Planar Essence, 8x Primal Shadow), Wrist-Spellpower (6 Larget Prismatic Shards, 6 Primal Water, 6 Fire), Hands-Major Spellpower (6x Greater Planar Essence 6x Large Prismatic Shard 6x Primal Mana)) Waiting: (Legs-Runic spell thread (need rep), Head-Glyph of Power (need rep), Shoulder (need rep))
Need 15 Primal Fire to get [item]Belt of Blasting[/item]

3 thoughts on “Daily Fatigue

  1. 🙂 No question is stupid.

    In Skettis, goto the green circle that is at the opening to the valley. One of the guys around the circle will talk to you and you can say “hey, yes, I’d like to goto the Skyguard Oupost (or something like that)” and he’ll put you on a nether ray and fly you up there. The flight is straight.. but still not particularly fast.

    I think you can do the same thing in the opposite direction.. but I don’t know that I’ve ever taken that flight.

  2. Being a mage it may be easier for me since I can port but I usually start in the Isle and do those 4.
    Then I port to shatt pick up all the ones there.
    Fly to Allerian and do the Skettis
    Fly to HH do the HFP quests
    Go back to HH and fly to Telaar for Nagrand daily, and cooking too if its there
    From there head to Sylvanaar and do Ogrila, then bashir.
    Fly to area 52 for the Sunfury Plans, and burn a spellfire cd if it is up.

    Takes me around 2.5 hours, but I do not have swift flying yet, and also knew nothing about these taxi’s you speak of. If I can find those then that may shorten my time. It is a pain, but it should help me to get swift quicker.

    Nice post!

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