WandThe dust is settling from 2.4 and Addons have mostly calmed down. Omen is a bit fubar-ed.. but most of the time it’s ok. I’ve started using Recap since Recount seems so flaky. Recap is showing Lilac at a consistent ~400 dps. This is lower than I’d like. BUT I’m finding it challenging to keep Lilac’s dps up while still keeping her threat below the tank’s. Aside from Soulshatter (which is on a 5 min cooldown), how can I get more DPS out of Lilac without constantly pulling threat off the tank?

The obvious answer, do more soulshatteres and get the subtlety enchant on Lilac’s cloak(Cloak-Subtlety (4x Small Prismatic Shard, 2x Greater Planar Essence, 8x Primal Shadow)). Then get more +spell hit up to 202 (for boss) and then more +spell/shadow damage. I think I’m really close to being able to hit the 202 cap which will allow me to do a respec and move 5 points out of Suppression and into something else. I’m not entirely sure where to put them. I’m thinking I’ll move to something like this: 41/5/15.

More crit for Shadow Bolts leading to more ISB debuffs.. coupled with improved Imp and improved healthstone for raiding utility. I think I’ll try it out for a while.

Lilac -finally- got to run Sethekk Halls to get her Shadow Labs Key. It just felt shameful to show up at 70 for a Shadow Labs run and not be able to open the door. Lilac also ran Heroic Arcatraz (no wand drop 🙁 ), regular Underbog (no wand drop 🙁 ), Heroic Underbog (no wand drop 🙁 , but I did get [item]Hydra-fang Necklace[/item] 🙂 )

Aside from a few of the mobs, Heroic Arcatraz was almost indistinguishable from regular Arcatraz. The mechanicals seems to have a very weird aggro table.. and invariably killed almost everyone. It seems that the key is to keep them stunned. The big demon guys hit like freight trains and kept flattening our tank. We finally got them down by having the DPS Shaman help with healing on that pull. No wands from anywhere.. but I think Lilac is 2 badges away from being able to buy [item]Carved Witch Doctor’s Stick[/item] :).

I’ll get a wand! By hook or by crook!

7 thoughts on “WTB Wand, PST

  1. Take 2 points out of imp or healthstone for destructive reach – 20% more range and 10% less threat on half of your dps will help.

    The mechanicals in arca reset their aggro table approx. every 10 secs. They are a royal pain to tank.

  2. Ooo, great suggestion.

    I’ve updated it to this: 41/3/17

    I dislike having to have inferior healthstones.. but I figure everyone forgets to use their cookies anyway. At least the Imp is a somewhat passive buff.

  3. Personally I’m not a huge fan of Improved Imp – off the top of my head, you’re spending 3 points so that Blood Pact’s stam buff goes from 70 stam to 91 stam; for a grand total of 210 health. I’d go with either Dem Embrace or Imp HS personally. I’m also a big fan of Shadowburn – one of our more under-utilized spells, its a great finishing tool. Improved Howl of Terror isn’t high on my list either, at least as raid utility – there’s just not much call for it outside of PvP (but it must be said that it can be total gold for that).

    If you’re going to stick with affliction you’re probably better off focusing on just getting more +dmg than +crit – the vast majority of your dps is going to come from dots, not from your shadow bolt. Hang on to your crit gear as it comes though, if you change your spec down the track you’ll definitely want it.

    Umm just my 2c lol… Good luck getting that wand!! 🙂

  4. I’d agree with the +dmg instead of +crit as long as you’re staying afliction. However in a long boss fight you’ll need to do something while your DoTs are ticking (besides dark pact/lifetap). You’ll find that the DoTs only account for about 50% of your DPS, SB/Immolate (the hit, not the DoT) is the other 50%-ish, so some +crit would be nice to have.

    As you get more crit, you could think of moving a few points out of affliction (unstable affliction, howl of terror, maybe malediction or improved curse of agony) to get ruin as well.

    I also second the addition of shadowburn. It’s more of a pvp/grinding tool rather than a raid spell (unless you go to raids with about 100 shards). It’s nice for when you draw aggro from a nearly dead mob and you want it to die *now*.

  5. Heh I kinda skipped over that when I read it first time – agree with Karthis, 400dps is *very* low to be pulling agro off a tank

  6. If you’re pulling off your tank @400dps, then you need a new tank – plain and simple. No amount of threat reducing items/talents will get you a significant boost.

  7. Recap said I was running @400dps.. but it only told me that grudgingly. Since 2.4 Recount has been flaky and I haven’t really been able to get it to tell me where I stand. In Arcatraz I was riding the threat wave with the tank. I rarely blew past him. That said, so was a mostly-kara-geared hunter and a mostly-kara-geared shaman. So.. I’m not entirely certain of the 400 dps number.

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