Be Safe!

SecurityYesterday one of my guildie’s got hacked. I’m unclear on the exact details.. but the bad guys got into three of his accounts and cleared them out. As expected Blizzard’s response is slow/non-existant. The guildie had little access to the guild bank so they didn’t get much from there.. but still.

Secure your information. I know you’re reading this thinking “Yeah, I should install some kind of virus/keylogger protection. I’ll have to look into that” and then you’re going to skim down to the next article in the feedreader and completely forget about it. Just stop for a moment and actually do it.

For more information see here: http://lordsofnordrassil.net/2007/12/31/wow-account-security/

*** This has been a general security warning ***

Monday is normally Kara zerg night. We’re supposed to start at 7:30 PST. Because of the security scare we instead encouraged people to download/install security software and to update their passwords. So the run didn’t actually start until ~8:30. Even then we had to stop shortly into the run and have everyone go and download the same archived version of Omen so we could all see threat.

From 8:30-12:30 we cleared Kara. We got everything except for the dragons. I think the only person to walk away with upgrades was Magicweaver (Destruction Lock). I suggested that maybe we should think about raiding ZA.. but was poopooed by people insisting that they still needed single drops from Kara. Ah well.. we’ll continue to raid Kara.

What Tatia needs from Kara:
[item]Emberspur Talisman[/item] @ Nightbane – Lose stats (-22 Sta -21 int), gain +healing and MP5 (+18 healing +7 mp5). I guess it’s an upgrade.. but really makes me feel fragile to lose so many stats.

[item]Bracers of Justice[/item] @ Maiden – Lose socket, armor, int, healing to gain a bit of stamina and spell crit. Really doesn’t feel like an upgrade.

[item]Girdle of Truth[/item] @ Netherspite – straight up, upgrade. The only thing I lose is a bit of spell crit.. but everything else is better.

[item]Pendant of the Violet Eye[/item] @ Shade of Aran – Lose a little +healing but gain a stacking mp5 bonus.

Also hoping to get Gruul’s pants soon.

I guess I should look into Tatia’s next upgrades.. I’ll probably skim the loot tables from ZA and Mags.