A good night to be a Lilac

Yesterday the West Kingdom Zerg Kara group took over the regular group’s raid Id and worked on the upper bosses in Kara. On the Wednesday before the regular group had finished Attuman, Maiden, Moroes and Opera. Last night’s group was:

Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Heimdal (Paladin Tank), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Ireena (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Sae (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Lilac (Affliction Lock), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Talyanna (Mage), and Odisia (mage)(swapped in when Taly had to leave).

It’s a misnomer calling it the zerg group. We had 3 people who were still gearing up.. so we weren’t going to be able to exactly “zerg” kara. But they would make good use of the loots.

We finished off Curator, Illhoof, Shade of Aran, Chess, and Prince. We made several attempts on Netherspite but the beam juggling was just too much for us.

Out of that Lilac got the [item]Staff of Infinite Mysteries[/item] which had better stats than her current 1-h/off-hand. Heimdal, fiancee’s newbie pally tank, was in Kara for his first time. He got both his T4 tokens. Yeah him! Sae got Prince’s spiffy bow.

Curator is a very different fight when you’re DPS. I found it very frustrating to kill the sparks. I usually got off only a single Shadow Bolt before they were dead. It just felt like wasting time bolting them once.. then starting a second bolt.. only to have them die before the cast time was up.. then trying to target Curator.. getting off one bolt (or refreshing 1-2 dots) only to have to change targets back to the new spark.

Honestly.. I’d much rather finish getting my Arcane set together so I can be “arcane soak” and just go bug nuts on Curator and ignore the sparks. Arcane set is now at ~200 arcane resist. Must look into the rest of the soul cloth stuff.

Illhoof.. The illhoof fight is just as stressful as the warlock as it is as the healer. When Tatia’s healing I’m spamcasting heals everywhere. It’s high stress. As the warlock I was seeding everything madly and refreshing CoD on Illhoof. In order to be in the right position I have to be front and center in the middle of the boss fight/imp spawns. The only time I ran into problems was when I ran out of mana because I wasn’t tapping enough. Must remember to tap more. (cast, cast, cast, cast-failed, cast-failed, cast-failed, Uh, why aren’t my casts working.. oh.. tap tap tap, cast, cast, cast). The heals were -great-. Lilac kicked butt in DPS (2275 dps for that fight) but it felt like cheater DPS.

Shade of Aran.. meh. Run, Run, Run, Cast, Cast, Cast, Run, Run, “Don’t move during flame wreath”, Run, Run, Run, sheeped. Eat cookie, Cast, cast, cast. I think we got him down on the third try.

Prince.. what’s to say. We had ok infernal placements. Mad DPS (but stay below tank). Dead prince.

Overall Recount showed Lilac at 650 DPS. I’m relatively happy with that. New gear coupled with 11 badges.. yes, good night to be a Lilac.

5 thoughts on “A good night to be a Lilac

  1. For the Curators sparks I use Searing Pain. Faster cast time will help. SB just takes too long. You can also try and time your CoD to go off when Curator is weak… but unless I have a more experienced lock with me … I never can. =P

    For Illhoof I just Seed spamed Illhoof himself. DPS is focused on him and should trigger the Seed before your next one casts.

    Reading your updates is always fun!

  2. If your running with a kara-zerg then forget your arcane resistance for arcane soaking!!

    I haven’t written the post about EB in Kara last week yet but for some reason the group decided he should be the arcane soak even though he had 0 arcane resistance. With insanely good healer and people killing sparks it was easy for my poor little noob-lock to stay second on agrro!

  3. I agree with not worrying about arcane resist. I’ve ended up soaking bolts on my healadin, my mage, and my warlock, none of them using much AR. My mage and ‘lock are gnomes, so they have 10AR, plus 35AR for the lock’s felguard resist bonus or ?? AR from the mage’s mage armor. The pally has the AR trinket from the Violet Eye quest, and that’s all he does for the fight. None of them have had too much trouble with it. Apparently, Curator hates *me*. I wasn’t especially trying to be bolt soaker on any of them, but it worked out okay. Maybe if your group is having a harder time keeping up with the heals, you’ll need more. I think those groups usually had 2.5 healers.

  4. When I OT Curator on my Paladin sometimes I used my AR Trinket from Kara but sometime I didnt, mostly I prefer to not use it usually since the healing gave me more mana from the Arcane damage and was less starved for Mana. Usually on Curator I end up using about 4 mana pots or so for the fight but that’s in a OT role though.

    As a range DPSer I’m wondering when it comes to the Arcane sparks if you can’t make a Macro that specifically FOCUS target the sparks for targetting whenever they appear that way you really don’t have to change target from Curator and that saves time having to change and retarget boss. I’m thinking that should help you and could help your other range DPSers as well.

    When tanking I use Targettargeting and Focus targeting on a group member. In 5 mans I always have the Healer set as Focus that way I can clearly see they in trouble and act accordingly. When I was in raid I sometime have Focus set on the MT or my Healer but most the time on the MT as in how my UI is set up to see if MT in trouble and need to act accordingly there. But Focus targeting can help all depends on situation and how your using it whether in 5 mans or raids or on a spawn add for quick pickup with a focus targetting macro. It Focus target macro even works on Illhoof’s IMP for quickup whenever it respawns for quickup without running to pick him while OT on Illhoof. A focus macro may just help some.

  5. OK, EB went to Kara again last night and again was the arcane soak on Curator.

    He still has no specific AR gear apart from the violet signet and gnomes have 10 AR racial do they? Didn’t know/forgot that 😛

    Anyway, this time we had 2 ‘mains’ healing. A resto druid and a resto shaman. Got me through fine for a one shot. Shame he didn’t drop my tier piece 🙁

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