I should have just gone fishing…

Work is crazy. The bad things are eating my face.

Last night I got home late.. and had to log onto IM so I could be accessible for work if needed. This meant that although I didn’t have anything I actually needed to do.. I needed to be free at any moment in case I was asked to do something. This means I couldn’t just log into the game and go run H-MgT. Instead, I needed something low impact.

At first I fiddled with my bank toon.. but that got boring very quickly. Then I fiddled with my lowbie mage… but really I just want lifetap.. and she needed to go sit in an Inn and acquire rested XP. I’m not feeling the vibe to play my lowbie priest or druid. So instead I messed with my lowbie (38/39) hunter.

That was fun.. but it turns out that it required a lot more thought process then I actually had available. I was kinda burnt out from the day.. and really only had the energy left for something like watching TV.. or staring at the ceiling blankly.

Instead I struggled with playing a lowbie hunter.. and pulled way too many mobs.. and suddenly remembered ice-trap.. and re-discovered disengage.. and then rather late in the evening I remembered feign death. So yeah.. not the most optimal use of my time.

In retrospect, I should have just taken Tatia out and gone fishing.

I’m not exactly sure how to take it.. but towards the end of the night I ended up taking on red mobs for a quest.. and I found them to be “slightly hard” but not “too much to handle”. I think that says something about the class.. when I can be totally brain dead and only feel “slightly challenged” by red mobs.