Magister’s Terrace: Vexallus

VexallusSpeaking of MgT. That second boss.. Vexallus, there’s a rumor that if you’re toon is -touching- the candleabra next to the boss that the static discharge will jump from you to the candleabra. Meaning you can kill the sparks and then the boss without having to worry bout the increased arcane damage. So -anyone- could kill the sparks.. and groups without the “right” toons can still do the event.

I haven’t test this out myself (and I don’t have a good screenshot showing the candleabras) but I’ll test it out the next time I’m in MgT. A rogue in the guild has tested it out.. he said that the candleabra messed up his camera angle.. but he was able to do the boss without anyone having to worry about the debuff.

I bet this is heaven sent for the heroic.

3 thoughts on “Magister’s Terrace: Vexallus

  1. I’ll test this out my self also, but I should have noticed it if work. My usual parking spot for that fight is on the left candleabra. Normal mode I take all the adds using Ice block to clear after stacking 3. On Heroic we position one on each side and do the same thing.

    I haven’t noticed missing any debuffs or damage, but I may not be positioned right, i certainly don’t crawl right up the thing but just stand next to it. I will try and get it to work however.

  2. Ok checked this out and its still a win. But its not he candleabra its the brasier fire pans that are low to the floor.

    2 heroic runs, worked great both times, ZERO damage to the DPS. In one of the runs I sat there and took EVERY add, not using IceBlock once.

    Just make sure you are standing between the pan and the wall and not in it.

    (What you are looking for is the little pans of fire that line the edge of the room there, wedge your self against the wall and as far behind it as you can get without stepping into it.)

  3. Guildie related that they “fixed” this “exploit”. So now you have to “properly” deal with the sparks.

    Blizzard is such a party pooper. (and DAHM< those sparks suck)

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