Icy cold premonitions

WrathI feel Arathas’ icy cold breath on the back of my neck. It’s coming. And I know that when it gets here all plans are null and void and the only plan is “get to 80” But I still have questions.

If Wrath hit tomorrow, who would go to 80 first?
If Wrath hit tomorrow.. what would I feel regret for not doing?
If Wrath hit tomorrow.. are there any other alts that I’d be sad if they’re left even further in the dust?
If Wrath hit tomorrow.. would I play a Death Knight?

Tatia is a serene being of infinite healing. She’s elegant and favored in groups.
Lilac is a mischievous giggle of dark magic. Her DPS is mighty.
Probably Tatia would be my first 80.. but only because from our guild’s perspective I think healers will be in short supply and therefore more useful.
Frankly I’ve found Lilac more fun to play.
Maybe WoTLK will make Paladin dps more than just watching cooldowns.

Tatia wants the “Champion of the Na’aru” title.
Both want an epic flying mount.
Tatia wants a Talbuk.
If it’s not just a rumor.. then Lilac wants a Zebra mount.
Lilac also really wants a dragonhawk mount.. but not sure if those will ever be available.

I don’t love the priest or the rogue.
I like the hunter.. but find trapping (one of the hunter’s main skills in groups) annoying. Still.. it has possibility.
I like the mage.. but find that I miss lifetap immensely. Not sure how different a Mage is from a Warlock.
I haven’t found a compelling reason to level the druid.
I don’t feel compelled to make a shaman.
I do feel a slight push to make a gnome warrior.. but that’s only because I love the visual of a little pink haired pigtailed gnome tanking some big bad. “Gnome Warriors: Putting the ‘cute’ into ‘Execute’.” That said.. we have way too many tanks in the guild.. so I doubt I’ll ever make this toon.
My horde-side toons languish. There’s no real compelling reason to level them either.

Death Knights so far leave me cold. I think I’d probably get the ability to make on..and probably start one.. but I’m not big on tanking.. so I don’t see it going very far.

2 thoughts on “Icy cold premonitions

  1. If Wrath were to hit tomorrow, I’d be sad over the fact that I can’t experience endgame again. This happened to me because I got WoW after BC and never got to experience the endgame in the old world (BRD, UBRS/LBRS, Scholo, DM, etc.). I’m just now settling into BC endgame and am enjoying it very much.

    Levelling my alt to 80 would also be painful.

  2. I’ve been thinking about WotLK a bit last few days myself. Im thinking it be here soon as time do fly.

    But if it comes tomorrow well it just be Shield and sharp edge in hand and time to head north. Im not going miss seeing the very endgame at this point in time. When I started WoW BC was launched over a week earlier and people who was at 60 was now already at 70. I got to see some raiding and was fun. If I see more of it that’s fine also. At this point I no longer have a burning desire to see the very endgame at this point. I’m just being realistic in how I look at things.

    My Paladin obviously will level to 80 and it will be intresting as at this point around I’ll be starting WotLK at the same level as everyone else but just taking my time getting there and hopefully enjoying the new content.

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