Badge of shame

Hi all…

I’m looking for an in-game hat. It should be cloth.. and resemble a dunce cap.

The guild has indicated that it would like to have a badge of shame to be worn by the person to wipe the raid. Ideally this would be a dunce cap.

Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Badge of shame

  1. Unfortunately I think most dunce-like caps are going to be BOE…so, you’ve got a one time use there. Ideally you’d want a random white/grey item…sadly there are not tall pointy hats within that category. You could do the Azure Silk Hood…which is just kind of “wow that’s so lvl 30” looking. /shrug It’s white and could be passed around (don’t quote me on that, I didn’t double check). Most of the other hats in game are going to be greens… =/

    BUT – those green item hats are possibly easy to farm? Perhaps keep a stock in the guild bank? Aside from that – no more ideas.

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