Best for comic relief

Wednesday for West Kingdom is regular Karazhan. We were:
Heimdal (Pally tank), Ursidae (Druid Tank), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Seanarra (Holy Pally), Raouen (MM Hunter)(through Attuman)/Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock)(after Attuman), Kialyss (Frost Mage), Chulong (Rogue)(all except Maiden)/Underrated(Dest Warlock)(Maiden Only), Wannalaya (Fury Warrior), Shoktul (Boomkin), and Gaelentu (Dest Warlock)(Who got saved as a mob in WWS 🙁 ).


I was having UI issues (I kinda broke Pitbull and had to re-set-it-up) so Raouen went to Attuman. Since I wasn’t there for Attuman, that’s not included in this WWS. We downed Attuman, Moroes, Maiden, and Opera (Big Bad Wolf).

For Moroes I kited the Ret Pally around the room. I was doing really well too.. until he used Hammer of Justice and stunned me and beat me to death. Grr. Maybe next time I’ll ask for the MS Warrior for kiting instead. Curse of Exhaustion + dots FTW. Our group makeup had a distinct lack of CC. It made Moroes -very- interesting. Solution: MT on Moroes, OT on Moroes and the Holy Pally caster, Fury warrior on the MS Warrior, Rogue on Shadow Priest, Me Kiting Ret Pally (until he ate me). It was a little tense at the end (and would have been way easier with either a shackle or a ice trap) but we did get it done.

Robot ChickenMy honey loves me.. and he give me things that will make me laugh.

Just before we started Big Bad Wolf I remembered that I had a new non-combat pet in my bag. It was the Rocket Chicken that fiancee had given me a few days ago. I summoned the pet and we started the pull. Tank grabbed BBW and pulled him over to his corner.. then about 30 seconds into the fight my chicken blasted off into the air.. and exploded over the group showering us with chicken feathers. I about -died- laughing. The Boomkin said “What the -fuck- was that?”. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t answer.