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West Kingdom is a casual raiding guild. My interpretation of that is we don’t have required raid attendance. Every raid has a good 20 mins before hand of “Who is on? Which toons do we have access too? Can we do it with these toons?” We have a set raid time.. but there’s no good way for people to sign up for a raid.

Does anyone have a fantastic tool for this? I’m looking for either inside or outside of WoW.

Currently we’re using the calendar tool on Guild Cafe. This has allowed us to setup raid times.. but the sign-up is clunky and pretty much everyone signed up recurring.. but on the days when they can’t make it they don’t drop from the raid.. so we end up with 14 people signed up.. but only 7 show up.

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  1. Have a look at – our guild uses this for raid signups and it works pretty well. I’ve also set up and suggested to my guild the use of GroupCalendar, but it has the downside of requiring all raid members to set it up and use it, since it is an addon.

  2. My guild uses GroupCalendar and it works great. In order to tackle 25mans, we’ve formed a guild alliance, and GroupCalendar allows us to set up raids where either guild can sign up.

    There’s other great functionality as well. It gives you heads up before scheduled events are about to start, tracks Dungeon Resets, and even tracks profession cooldowns. (Transmute available in 15 minutes!) Not only that, but you can use it as a personal calendar (for those of us that spend an inordinate amount of time in game) and it will remind us that we have an important meeting to get to.

    All in all, a great tool.

  3. Hey Hey. Our casual raiding guild gets over the no required attendance hump by tons of pre-scheduling with signups. Also we use Suicide Kings loot system for tier gear and 25mans which encouranges people to show up to raids.

    Last month we switched to using a tool called phpRaider (I think if I remember correctly) on our guild site… I kind of hated it at first (I was used to our other tool but the clunk code had made our webmaster annoyed) but after some weeks of use imho it works pretty well. Instead of signing up by class people sign up by role (dps/healer/tank/hybrid) and makes it easier to eyeball the numbers.

  4. Google keywords: “GEM” + “mod” or + “addon”. GEM = Guild Event Manager. It’s a great in-game tool.

    I stumbled upon this site by accident while searching for some other WoW tidbits. Kismet 😉


  5. Don’t listen to Anonymous, there is a reason he is posting anonymously!!

    GEM is imho rubbish!

    When I joined my current guild they were using GEM and then swapped to Group Calendar.

    As has already been stated GC is excellent and has all kinds of useful things in it.

    The latest version is 4.0 and it is incompatible with previous versions, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you if everyone is installing it for the first time.

    It shouldn’t be a problem for people to install this addon if they want to raid.

    HolyWarriors last blog post..Busy Busy Busy

  6. Just another vote for GroupCalendar, my guild basically runs like yours. Raids are posted on GC, everyone who wants to signs up, 15-20min before raid time the raid leader checks the list, checks who is online builds the raid.

    I STRONGLY recommend against GEM, that thing has more bugs in it than I care to list. We used it for a time and had nothing but hassles. The biggest problem with it is it has a default channel. On any random update you could be reset to the default channel and never know it. POOF all your guild events just got listed to the default channel for everyone on the server with GEM to see. Also lost of random problems with dates changing 2007 events turning into 2070, ect.

  7. Another nod for Group Calendar. We are casual and follow the same system as above. Post the event earlier in the week, anyone who wants to go signs up, those online at the time are invited and we go. The newest version made some changes and the network convergence time is nice and short now. U can also set it for automatic acceptance of those who sign up based on role or U can do a manual acceptance where everyone is on “Standby” until the event organizer OK’s them.

    Good Stuff.


  8. Thank you all for the helpful suggestions. I’ve download and am testing Group Calendar. So far it looks good. I’ll probably post about it in a few days (assuming the guild goes for the addition of the addon).

    I do wish it would let the “I won’t install an addon” folks query someone with the addon.. something like the !gem addon where you can whisper jewelcrafters to find out if they know a gemcut you want.

    /w Lilac !cal upcomingevents
    Lilac automatically responds with a whisper of the list of upcoming events(ie, next 7 days)
    Lilac: Event#: Name Date/Time
    Lilac: 107: Karazhan Regular 5/1/08 7:30 PM Servertime
    Lilac: 108: Karazhan Zerg 5/5/08 5:30 PM Servertime

    /w Lilac !cal details 107
    Lilac: 107: Karazhan Regular 5/1/08 7:30 PM Servertime
    Lilac: Raiding Kara, Must be 70, have omen, have vent. Will take on Illhoof and Aran (maybe Nightbane).
    Lilac: Toons on standby: Floki, Fynriss, Raouen
    Lilac: Toons on raid: Khoss, Weaver, Gongniu

    /w Lilac !cal signup 107
    Lilac responds: You’ve been added as a standby for the Karazhan Regular raid on 4/1/08 starting at 7:30 PM Servertime.

    Now -that- would be sweet!

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