Magister’s Terrace: Vexallus

Speaking of MgT. That second boss.. Vexallus, there’s a rumor that if you’re toon is -touching- the candleabra next to the boss that the static discharge will jump from you to the candleabra. Meaning you can kill the sparks and then the boss without having to worry bout the increased arcane damage. So -anyone- could kill the sparks.. and groups…

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Blogroll Modifications

I’m mucking around with my blogroll. I’m totally stealing the code from “They see me Trollin’” and reworking it to my own needs. What this means to you. First of all.. I added a ton of blogs to my blogroll. I’ve changed some of the names to start with “X–” if the blog hasn’t been updated in a while. I…

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MrT vs MgT

Listening to “Casually Hardcore: Masters of Five: Magister’s Terrace” I heard the following: “[It’s] MgT because Mr. T is too epic to be 5-manned”. So there you have it. Hence forth it will be MgT.


I should have just gone fishing…

Work is crazy. The bad things are eating my face. Last night I got home late.. and had to log onto IM so I could be accessible for work if needed. This meant that although I didn’t have anything I actually needed to do.. I needed to be free at any moment in case I was asked to do something.…

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Strategy, Warlocks

The Blue Beam

Oh, just a note, it is possible for a single warlock to take the full duration of Netherspite’s blue beam. Dot him up and then use Drain Life. The added +spell allows you to get more life back than you’re losing to the increased shadow damage. Occasional heals help. Also.. um.. be careful on the timing of you Curse of…

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A good night to be a Lilac

Yesterday the West Kingdom Zerg Kara group took over the regular group’s raid Id and worked on the upper bosses in Kara. On the Wednesday before the regular group had finished Attuman, Maiden, Moroes and Opera. Last night’s group was: Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Heimdal (Paladin Tank), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Ireena (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Sae (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM…

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Warlock Gear

Ok.. so I have a gear list for Warlocks.. I made it when I was young and impressionable.. mostly it was a list of “what can I get so I can go into Kara” I haven’t actually looked past that.. at least not in any kind of organized manner.. so imagine my surprise when I stumbled on Canadianpimp’s gear list…

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Yabut, why?

When a blood elf dies.. why isn’t it a wisp? I’ve talked about the lore before, but I still don’t get it. They’re all elves.. just separated by essentially political boundaries.. so why aren’t blood elves wisps when they die? Speaking of which.. the blood elves on Azuremyst Isle don’t seem to have gotten the patch 2.4 message that keeping…

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To Kat

Congrats on downing A’lar! I hate Vox. Leaving comments is a serious PITA (and it cuts me off after the first paragraph). So this is it. You get your own special commentary blog post. ‘Cause I like you.. lots. Still hate Vox with the white hot passion of nuclear sunspots on a thousand burning suns. Just sayin’. [Edited to add:…

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Golden Ticket

In the broadest sense, I play Wow because it’s better than watching TV. When I started playing Wow I stopped watching TV (except for “Lost” and “BSG”). It was almost a one-for-one trade. Wow has the benefit of at least being a bit more social. Though I’m now out of my depth when the discussion at work turns to “did…

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