Warlock Outfits

Noting this here so I won’t forget. Lilac needs to optimize her outfits. Wowinsider talked about it. I’m using Outfitter to change outfits. I keybound her two main outfits (trash, boss). On the desktop I show her current trinkets. From the trinkets I can tell which clothes she has on. Lilac’s Current Outfits: – Boss (Aiming for 202 spell hit…

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Addon: Voice Commander

Ack.. “Bad Things”™ at work make blogging hard. Regardless, I wanted to make a note of the addon (?) application: Voice Commander Adds the ability to control multiple toons (two-boxing) via voice commands. I bet you could also use it to control a single toon. Interesting implications. See video:


Ten Words.

Penny Arcade has sponsored a contest. Ten Word Stories. My entries: “What can it hurt?” Fizzwidget chirped happily. Fiery explosions followed. Twenty-five triumphantly trounced Illidan. I guess they were prepared. Brooding, icy Northrend waits for gallant adventures with new hairdos. Elegance of dots and curses reduced to shadow bolt spam. Sylvanus, dread queen, in Northrend takes Arthas, dread king. Checkmate.


Visual Cue

*Annoyed* About half way through a non-instant cast my toon stops doing the casting animation. I use visual cues so I keep trying to re-cast the spell even though I’m actually in the middle of casting it. *Harumph* I’ve observes this on both Lilac (Shadow Bolt, Immolate) and on Tatia (heals and resurrections). Very annoying.


Daily Grind

Yesterday as I logged on Fiancee said “don’t get involved with anything too deep, Sae will be logging on in about an hour and I’d like to run Botanica with you and him.” So instead of signing up in LFG I instead tackled my dailies. I need the gold if I’m ever going to finish gemming and enchanting my new…

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Belt of Blasting

Lilac acquired the [item]Belt of Blasting[/item] AKA crafted Uberbelt of OMGWTFPWNU 🙂 Pre 2.4 I was dreading the price for the Nether Vortices. Post 2.4 getting the 15 Primal Fires turned out to be the hardest part… made much easier when I borrowed them from guildies 😉 According to the -only- dps upgrade for this is the [item]Belt of…

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Warlock Raiding Consumables

[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more correct information.] You are more than the clothes you wear and weapons you bear. If you’re not using consumables to raid then you’re not living up to your max potential.


Teh Uber

When I logged on last night, fiancee was flying to Winterspring to do some mining. We didn’t have enough other people on to make a guild run at anything.. so I logged onto Lilac put her in LFG for Shadow Labs, Shattered Halls and.. um.. something else (H-MrT I think) and started doing some daily quests. Five minutes into my…

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Be Safe!

Yesterday one of my guildie’s got hacked. I’m unclear on the exact details.. but the bad guys got into three of his accounts and cleared them out. As expected Blizzard’s response is slow/non-existant. The guildie had little access to the guild bank so they didn’t get much from there.. but still. Secure your information. I know you’re reading this thinking…

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