“I, Murloc”

Most of the time /2 Trade is full of drek and nonsense. Sometimes the nonsense just makes me laugh. Khaz Modan rocks! This went on for a good 30 mins.. and probably continued long after I’d transported to Karazhan.


Mix master

This morning, while doing dailies with fiancee’s hunter we squabbled over who would get to pick the flowers. There’s only about 4 mana thistle on the whole Isle..and having two herbalists grouped together means that we’re snarky back and forth about whose turn it is this time. I was on my Holy Paladin, Tatia, who’s a 375 herbalist/enchanter. This reminded…

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Lilac, Tatia

Feelin’ the Kara love..

As I walked in the door yesterday fiancee demanded that I should log on… and asked if I’d be there for the 8:00 Kara group. “Um.. Sorry honey, I didn’t know about the 8:00 kara group I wasn’t signed up for it.” “Of course not, ” says he, “I just added it to the calendar. So log on and sign…

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Lame Duck

I have plenty to do… I have quests to complete, mounts to buy, titles to earn. And yet still.. I find a certain malaise. I log onto my toons.. /sigh.. look around.. and wonder why I even bothered to log on. I’m running the Isle dailies based on muscle memory alone. They’re no longer challenging.


Kara Sera Sera

Ok, ok. I know the Corruption and the UA entries are kind of “basic, well-duh” information. But I needed to get those out of the way so they aren’t cluttering up the “real” post. Which I’m working on.. but I don’t expect to have done until much much later (still need to do Shadow Bolt and Immolate at a minimum…

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Addon: Power Auras

[NOTE: an updated version of this article is posted here: Addon: Power Auras Revisit ] A week or so ago WowInsider did an article about a rogue tanking Mother Shiraz. I watched the video and I spent more time wondering about his HUD than actually watching him tank. It turns out it wasn’t really a HUD (ie, didn’t include health/energy…

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Guild First: Lynx Lord Halazzi

Woot! West Kingdom went into Zul’Aman and took down a new boss (in addition to the old ones). We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Tatia (ME)(Holy Paladin), Weaver (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Talyanna (Mage), Odisia (Mage), Sae (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), and Sibiy (BM Hunter).