Lilac to the rescue

Howl of TerrorWhile running Heroic Blood Furnace on Sunday, during the “gates open and 3-4 mobs clobber the group” part of the instance run (just before the beholder boss). Lilac saved the day 🙂

Just after one of the bigger groups came out of their room fiancee, on his Pally tank, got stunned with Holy Shield down. He was taking a HUGE beating and it didn’t look like our Pally Healer was going to be able to get a Holy Light off in time. Thinking quickly I ran forward and hit “Howl of Terror” and feared off all the mobs. Afterwards the healing pally said there was an 80% chance I saved the group from a wipe by giving him time to get his heal off. Honestly I think he was just being grumpy. I think there’s 100% chance I saved us from a wipe.

This makes me glad I didn’t move those two point out of the talents to make Howl of Terror instant.