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HI all,

I’m looking for an addon that will make a noise for me when something special happens in my combat log.

Specifically, when fiancee pulls with Avenger’s Shield I want to have a warning noise go off when the shield misses.

“Heimdal’s Avenger’s Shield misses {mobname}”

3 thoughts on “LF addon PST

  1. hi 🙂 love ur blog, keep up the good work!

    i play a paladin tank myself and would recommend rather than u searching for an addon that does this, that ur fiancee downloads ‘Tankadin’

    this is a fantastic little addon that does all sorts from flashing your screen when righteous fury wears off, calculating ur uncrushability and effective health in easy to read formats, and, best of all, automatically announces to party/raid chat when avengers misses, or a taunt is resisted so that dps can know what’s happened and react accordingly – a must for all tankadins 🙂

    keep up the good work, and take it easy 🙂

  2. I second using tankadin – if you make him an assistant, the warnings will go to raid warning so you’ll get a sound and a big flashing text on your screen.

  3. 🙂 Fiancee download and configured “Tankadin” last night. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to group.. but I”m looking forward to it tonight (Kara).

    Thanks for the great suggestion. I’d never heard of that addon before.

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