Why is Priest-Mage-Rogue -the- 3×3 arena team?

I’m asking as a PVP noob. I could probably work out the list of skills those classes have.. but I’m pretty sure I can’t work out how they synergize. So I’m hoping those of you who actually know what you’re doing can explain it to me.

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  1. Coordinated burst, Mass Dispel, CC. Rogues and mages go well together. RMP can turn 3v3 matches into 1v3 with someone blinded, someone sheeped, leaving the 3rd to eat shatter combos and AR dps. I’m sure someone more pvp savvy than I can give you more details but that’s the gist of it.

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  2. Pellegri pretty much has it. Mages have polymorph, which is basically the best pvp CC in the game, with long range and no cooldown… and really, once that Water elemental is out and two of your opponents are CC’d, it’s more like four on one.

    Despite the fact that Mages wear cloth, a Frost mage has enough defensive talents and spells that they can survive a surprisingly long time against dps classes. Rogues are very good at escaping, and Priests have Pain Suppression to deal with focus fire.

    The Rogue brings lots of instant CC to the game, as well as horrific damage output and the ability to completely shut a caster down until they run into DR or the target dies. If that weren’t enough, Wound Poison and the Priest’s Mana Burn will put a very fast end to the opponent’s healers.

    Perhaps most importantly, most of their CC doesn’t overlap in terms of Diminishing Returns, meaning they can chain CC for a very long time, enabling them to gain the upper hand early in the fight.

  3. Rogue/Mage/Priest is a popular choice for 3’s because:

    1) The Rogue, with correct SHS spec and thanks to Cheat Death and 2 sets of cooldowns, can afford to wear alot more offensive oriented (read “PVE gear”) than other DPS classes for PVP. When you get that amount of survivability from talents alone, it lets you drop a large amount of Resilience gear to boost up AP/Crit/ACPen, the Rogue no longer is slotted in to just pin down one target for the other DPS.

    2) The Mage, as a proper Frost spec, will mostly be seen (by the average Arena player) as unkillable due to the 2x Ice Block. Shatter combo boosts crit up so high that it bypasses Resilience completely, which means damage from a Mage is top notch. Sheep is spammable, and even if it goes on DR quickly, it still also acts as a spell cast interrupt. Spellsteal acts as the teams 2nd offensive Dispel esp. for BOF and HOTs.

    3) The Priest, properly spec’d Disc, will be a beast in tanking. When not focused on, quick Mana Burns will stunt the opposing team’s healer, as well as any DPS with small mana pools like Ret Pallies and Hunters. Dispel and Mass Dispel are so important in negating the other teams strengths, letting the Mage and Rogue face off on uneven terms.

    IMO, the Mage is the key player to go after in a RMP lineup, and depending on what classes you have, this might or might not be possible. I’ve written stuff in the past on this, and while not specifically all for 3v3 strategy, most of the stuff is applicable:

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  4. Thank you everyone for your comments! I don’t think I could explain it to someone else.. but I do feel that I have an inkling of an understanding.

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