Lilac: DIAF!

Thursdays are usually very slow. I log on, check auctions, play a lowbie for a while. At the moment I’m trying to get Darnassus faction on my level 41 Draenei hunter so she can get a kitty mount. I’m about 3k short. Generally a nice quiet evening.

Last night one of our guildies got a whisper from Joe, the Guild Leader for Shadow Warlords (the guild we’re somewhat aligned with*) asking if we had two strong (non-fire-mage) DPSers he could use for an attempt on Al’ar.

Al’arFiancee was actually in the other room off watching TV at the time. I told him about the request and he logged in. He and Sibiy both volunteered to go. They’re both BM hunters and tend to run 800-900 DPS. They moved over to Shadow Warlord’s ventrilo and I went back to finishing off low-level quest on my hunter for reputation. About 2 minutes later Fiancee told me to log on Lilac and they’d summon me.

*Gulp* *Really* Um.. gee. Ok.

At the time Lilac was in the Inn on the Isle. She’d completed the dailies in the morning but I hadn’t had time to empty her bags/repair etc before I’d headed out to work.

She’s fully affliction spec’d and (in the right clothes) is at ~1k shadow damage, 202 spell hit, and has lately been averaging 550-650 dps in instances. With Malediction she adds 13% to all shadow/arcane damge when she uses Curse of Shadows and with Shadow Embrace she can reduce the mob’s physical damage by 5%(that said I dont’ know if Al’ar -does- any physical damage).

She’s been to Kara.. but hasn’t really gotten any drops out of it. She’s never seen Gruul and in fact has never been in a group larger than 10. I hadn’t read up on the encounter since I wasn’t expecting to attempt it anytime soon.

So.. 25 seconds later Lilac was summoned to The Eye(at 87% durability and with totally full bags). Joe and his raid lead group were sounding a little bit frazzled. I get the feeling they’d already made 2-3 attempts on Al’ar and they were hoping to get one more attempt before they had respawn. There wasn’t really any instructions given to me. Seriously, it went “summon Lilac, ok get her buffed, ok let’s do this.” An BOOM they pulled the boss. As that was the only one mob up.. I just started DPSing him.

First attempt:
Ten seconds into the fight I realized I still had my “trash” clothes on so I was only at about 130 spell hit. Grumble. It does have more +shadow damage.. but not enough to make up for the missed spells.
I about died of fright when I heard the “AOOGA” from Omen as I passed the main tank on threat. “OMG! Mustn’t pull aggro.. OMG I’M GOING TO DIE!! They’ll never invite me back.. damnit, I’m such a noob. Hey wait.. all the other warlocks have totally blown past the tank in threat.. hmmm maybe it doesn’t matter. Oh.. Ok.. that’s kinda cool.”
I was a bit worried in that fight because Joe kept calling out “Tanks down”. It wasn’t until actually the second attempt that I realized that he meant “all the tanks jump down” and not “OMGWTF another tank died”.
I was -very- tentative in tapping. I really didn’t want to stress out the healers. I found that I could make it for most of the fight by sucking on my demon straw (Dark Pact).
When phase two came I ran around a bit like a chicken. I deduced that I should avoid the fire rings.. and that I should avoid the adds.. but I was at a bit of a loss as to what I -should- be doing. Lacking any other instruction I started DPSing Al’ar. It took quite a while before Vyrke noticed and said “Um, Lilac, go dps the adds”. Ahh ok.. Yes Sir, right away Sir. Eventually we had too many people die and too many adds up and we wiped.
Fiancee looked at his Recount. It showed Lilac at ~450 dps. He strongly suggested I “step it up”. MMM kay.

Subsequent attempts
Ok.. getting into my groove. First off I changed into my big girl panties. Booya. Then when the boss was pulled I buckled down into my groove. CoS, UA/Corr, Siphon Life, SB, SB, SB, SB, SB, Dark Pact, UA/Corr, Dark Pact, SB, SB, SB, etc. I also started tapping occasionally. The healers were -easily- keeping up the Destruction warlocks.. and they were tapping the heck out of it.. so I figured I could occationally throw in a tap or two.

I think we made a total of three or four attempts on the boss. They really all started to blur together. On either the first or second attempt I died during phase 2 but the group was able to DPS him all they way to his enrage. He was at 33% when he enraged.. so obviously we were lacking in DPS.. that said Joe said it was the first time they’d actually made it all the way to the enrage.

After the third or forth atempt they started losing a lot of people and decided to call it.

My Recount showed Lilac at 679 dps. The top DPSers were Kismett, 2 other Shadow Warlord’s warlocks, Fynriss, Sibiy, Lilac, another Shadow Warlord warlock. I think that’s pretty ok. She was ~#7 on the list for total damage done. And she wasn’t the lowest warlock in overall damage. Since -all- the other warlocks are spec’d Destruction for Shadowbolt spamming I didn’t feel too bad.

Next time
– Make sure pet is phased-in to get spirit/int/Blessing of Wisdom buffs. MMM MM love my demonic straw.
– Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes -before- the boss pull
– Standing between this pedestal and the next pedestal would allow me to DPS the boss without having to move EVERY time.
– Tapping/Dark Pacting/Siphon Life/Corruption are good times for moving to a new pedestal location.
– I guess the adds explode (whoda thunk). Don’t start dpsing add until the tank has it pulled to a wall away from everyone.
– For Joe, if you want DPS to focus on one add at at time, mark one with a skull or identify before-hand who we should be assisting. Otherwise DPS will hit whichever add they target first.

* Our “alliance” with Shadow Warlords at this point is in name only. They have finally gotten enough members that they’ve started doing 25-mans without us. When they can’t make their numbers they contact us to get 2-3 replacements. It’s not perfect.. but it does allow some of us to see the content.

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  1. Not bad for someone just stepping in to an unknown encounter.

    I have been there with the “alliance” guilds. They have their pros and cons. I am not sure I fully care for them but…. I will not take up your time with my opinions on the matter.

    Wildhermits last blog post..Linkage test…

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