Friday morning I was listening to an old episode of WowInsider. 31, 32? I don’t know (I usually listen to WIpodcast while I’m fishing.. and I haven’t gone fishing lately.. so I’m a few episodes behind). Anyway on that episode they were talking about an interview WI had done with Nihilum. BBBB said he didn’t understand the fascination with Nihilum or any of the other high-end raiding guilds.

I’ve been thinking about the WotLK “same dungeon for 10-man or 25-man” concept. I’m trying to put my finger on why it bugs me. I think I’ve figured it out.

Nihilum, Death and Taxes and any of the other high end raiding guilds are WoW celebrities. They inhabit our Hollywood and we gobble up gossip about them. Now I’m not really one for following celebrity gossip.. and really I don’t know much about Nihilum or D&T but the very fact that I know about them puts them into a different category from “Knights of Night” or “And a bag of chips” (completely made up and yet plausible guild names).

I -want- there to be celebrities in the game. I -want- them to be able to do something that only 2% of the population gets to do. I -want- to be able to say “Did you hear that Nihilum will live-stream their raid on {High temple of icy coldness}” and I -want- to want to be able to watch. I -don’t want- to have Nihilum taking on Icecrown-25 and think to myself, “Icecrown-10 wasn’t too hard.. I bet the 25-man isn’t that much harder”.

I -want- some kind of exclusivity.

Now I’m also very very excited that there will be more 10-man choice than just one. But I still want the upper upper upper raid to be ONLY a 25-man and only accessible to the best of the best of the best. I guess at heart I just buy into the elitist mentality.

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  1. I agree it’s fun to have some exclusivity and celebs, but I don’t think the 10-man parallels will really ruin this. I happen to be one of those stuck in an EndgameA guild (as GroupOfWords puts it) and we keep losing raiders while trying to gear enough raiders for 25 man content, then we need to gear more, more leave, etc. I think it would be fun to have the core group of raiders keep going with the instance progression without having to farm raids for gearing up new raiders. And Nihilum and D&T will still get their world firsts, and we’ll still ooh and ah at how well they take down a boss. But even though I’ll never play the Bach cello suite as well as Yo-yo Ma, I can still bang away at it myself and get some pleasure in the music itself, and I think we’ll find a similar situation with the 10man versions – simply a way for the average joe to take part in some of the fun and great game design.

    That being said, I absolutely love you blog! Keep up the writing!


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