Sucky little succubus

My succubus is broken.

I mean more than normal.

You: Nibs, you daffy broad, why are us using your succubus to attack? She is weak and fragile.
Me: Geez, you talk mean to me. I am not daffy. Sheesh. Heimdall is tanking. We’re doing dailies. I don’t really need additional hit points, I’d rather have the added DPS.

I have her on passive and all her skills on auto-cast.. and when I send her to attack she runs out two steps and then runs back to me.

Oh, it gets even better if I change her to defensive and then take “invisibility” and “soothing kiss” off of auto-cast/t then she runs up to a mob.. and just kind of follows them around. They don’t see her.. ’cause she’s still invisible.. but she doesn’t attack them.

Now I can see how this might be helpful if say the imp followed the mob around.. imagine, setting the imp to follow the tank. But no.. it’s the Succy.. and well it’s kind of useless. *sigh*

Seems to be a bug introduced with 2.4.2. I hope they fix it soon.

2 thoughts on “Sucky little succubus

  1. I’ve been having the same problem with my hunter’s pet, while farming Skyguard rep at Skettis killing Time-Lost mobs (which you can only see when drinking the shadow dust pot) the pot buff isnt applied to my pet making it unable to see the mobs thus not attacking them…very frustrating, like the boar nerf wasn’t enough =(

  2. I’ve seen the same exact thing with my lock’s Felguard as well when doing the quest with the ghosts in SMV – the one that you have to wear the “spectrecals” to see the ghosts. I assumed at the time it was due to the nature of them being ghosts and my Guard not having any goggles.

    Apparently not.

    Grimmtooths last blog post..[Faiella] Survival build, 16 levels in

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