Gettin’ my Kara on

Yesterday fiancee woke me up from a nap and asked if I wanted to go into Kara. Buh-duh. Of course I want to go into Kara. We then spent another 30-40 minutes calling guildies to get a group together to go in.

We were: Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Booie(Protection Warrior)/Ireena(Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Lilac (ME) (Affliction Warlock), Drakus (Rogue), Floki (Rogue), Azaria (Melee Shaman)/Spiralla (Caster Shaman), Magicweaver (Destruction Warlock), Nightmage (Mage). For our attempts on Nightbane MagicWeaver and NightMage switched out for Sae (BM Hunter) and Ginomi (Resto Druid).

Recount Lilac rocked the DPS. Aside from firming up muscle memory I’m not sure that I’ve changed anything else. It wasn’t until Shade of Aran that I realized I was wearing my trash clothes instead of my clothes with 202 spell hit. So for the first part of the run I was at ~10% miss on the bosses. *sigh* Cast sequence**


Ok, I take that back, I changed two things. I got a new addon (queen of addons here) called “Power Aura”. You configure it to show things on the screen when certain criteria are met. For example, if I -don’t- have the “Well Fed” buff it shows some yellow lines. When I see those lines I know it’s time to eat another piece of food. I setup triggers for Fel Armor, Well Fed, Major Shadow Protection/Pure Death and Nightfall. This way I was able to easily notice when those buffs were down(or up as the case may be).

I also finally bought the [item]Icon of the Silver Crescent[/item]. I know that’s an uber trinket.. but I really doubt it contributed ~100 additional DPS.

We did fairly well through the night. It’s especially nice considering this is mostly an alts/new mains run. We managed to kill Curator, Illhoof, Aran, Prince, Netherspite and finish off chess. Towards the end of the night we made several attempts on Nightbane but we were hampered.

On our first attempt, it was going fairly well except that we lost Ginomi (Resto druid) early in the fight leaving us with only two healers. Regardless it was going fairly well until Nightbane landed after 75% and the hunter misdirected Nightbane onto one of our other healers. Nightbane promptly turned and munched the healer. I assume this was an accident.. since I don’t think Sae actually hates us.. and even after that we -did- manage to get him down to ~3% but that’s not really a fight you can easily do with only one healer.

After that it was just too late and we didn’t have the umph. So after 2-3 tries we gave up for the night.

No phat loots for Lilac. I did see the T4 shoulder token.. but Nightmage won it.. and I saw the blade off of prince.. but Magicweaver won it. *grumble*

**Cast Sequence:
Trash: CoA(on trash #2+), UA/Corr, SB(until dead)
Boss: CoD, UA/Corr, SL, SB (until renew UA/Corr, CoD, SL)
Curator: CoS on Curator until ~55 sec until evoc, then Amplified CoD. Then SB.
Curator trash: Immolate, then Searing Pain, then Shadowburn.
Illhoof: Magicweaver was “really” tanking the imps. I was just helping with additional damage. CoD on illhoof, then Seed EVERYTHING. I could usually seed 3-4 things before they all went off. Searing Pain on chains.

I’m displeased with my DPS on the chains. I have a feeling that I’m not putting out enough damage to kill the chains quickly. I think it’s the same issue I was having with Curator’s flairs. I just need to think about it for a while.

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  1. So envious of the spell rotation you have going there! Maybe I should respec affliction :)… although admittedly I am a Shadow Bolt junkie. Grats on the DPS increase (seems most everytime I read you, your DPS has gone up – always a good thing!).

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