Guild First: Lynx Lord Halazzi

Lynx LordWoot! West Kingdom went into Zul’Aman and took down a new boss (in addition to the old ones).

We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Tatia (ME)(Holy Paladin), Weaver (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Talyanna (Mage), Odisia (Mage), Sae (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), and Sibiy (BM Hunter).

We’re not quite to the point of trying the timed fights 🙂 I figure we really ought to get through all of the fights at least once first. But we are kind of getting it.

Bear boss was smooth. I know I haven’t been in here in a while on my healer.. but it felt like he did fewer silences than before. Anyway, it went off well. Transitions were great. One-shotted him.

Eagle boss was also very smooth. I turned my ambient sound up to the highest setting and turned all other sounds off. That way I could listen for the incoming rain. (though it is weird to not hear any of the casting noises) When I heard the rain I’d call it out and we’d collapse on the tank (I didn’t get a chance to suggest that we change our method). Also, it looks like there’s a big black spot on the ground under whoever gets thown up into the air during the storm. If you stand on the spot you’re safe. I think we two-shotted this boss.

Lynx boss was a bit rough. The combination of all-over-the-place damage and needing to cleanse made it hard for me to concentrate on healing only Heimdal. So he died a few times to spike damage. Finally we settled on a good strategy. The tanks would stack up and fight the boss. Everyone else would stack up separate from the boss. This allowed Khoss (resto shaman) to very efficiently heal the raid. Also Heimdal started cleansing the shocks. This allowed me to concentrate my heals ONLY on Heimdal and not worry about anyone else in the raid. So yeah! Boss first for West Kingdom. And it only took about four tries.

Since the boss cleaves.. and the cleave is split by everyone in front of the boss… I wonder if it’d be worthwhile to stack the whole raid (except for hunters) in front of the boss. That way we could split the cleave between everyone. The hunters would need to be in their own group for range. I’ll need to think about this for a while. It’s probably a bad idea.. but it’s worth thinking about. At worst.. I’d like to be able to judge/seal the boss and melee him from behind to get mana back. This seemed to be a very mana intensive fight. For the first time in a long while I ran out of mana.

After Lynx boss we chatted about attempting Dragonhawk but Taly said he only had 20 mins until he had to go for the night. So instead we decided to switch the raid around a little bit and go make another attempt on Nightbane. The attempt was -very- smooth.

Although there were jokes about Sae misdirecting onto Khoss again.. he didn’t and we downed the boss on the first try. Yeah us. So clear Kara for last week. New Kara tonight.

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  1. Grats on downing a new boss. Lynx can be a pain if the tanks are completely in the right place or the totems stay alive too long. If you’re having an easy go of the first two bosses getting the timed chest provides an extra item (no badge unfortunately) and some extra thrill. Our group started with trying to get the Bear timer. If you don’t make it there’s nothing to worry about. If you do it’s one more accomplishment in the instance.

    Chriss last blog post..It Really Only Takes Two

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