Kara Sera Sera

Ok, ok. I know the Corruption and the UA entries are kind of “basic, well-duh” information. But I needed to get those out of the way so they aren’t cluttering up the “real” post. Which I’m working on.. but I don’t expect to have done until much much later (still need to do Shadow Bolt and Immolate at a minimum beforehand). These are “basis” posts so I can pull the information out to a separate post (and not feel bad about not repeating the info in the “real” post).

Ok, another topic.

West kingdom took on the first part of Kara and knocked it (mostly) out of the park. We one-shotted Attuman, Moroes, Maiden and Curator. But had to two-shot Romulo&Julianna.

The group was: Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Shade (Protection Warrior), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Ireena (Holy Priest), Amellea (Kitty DPS), Shoktul (Boomkin), Wannalaya (DPS Warrior), Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock), Flashback (Mage), and Azaria (Shaman).

We did have a little bit of oddness. In general Shaed had a whole lot of problems pulling aggro off of Heimdal. This is mostly to be expected with a Pally vs Warrior but Shaed is supposed to be T5-T6 geared. So it was a little concerning. On Attuman the tanks ended up tossing aggro around and flipping Attuman around alot so there was a lot more cleave damage all around the party. I’m hoping that with more practice Shaed and Heimdal will be more able to tank together.

The rest of the run was relatively flawless. We did have a little bit of problem on Romulo&Julianna. We ended up killing Romulo too quickly just as Juliana healed herself almost to full. So Romulo came back and we just didn’t have enough umph to kill them both all over again. The second attempt went much better.

On Curator.. I need to remember to put up Curse of Doom even when I’m absolutely certain he’s going to die before it has a chance to go off. I did get two CoD’s up..(for about 50,000 damage total) but on the third time I figured he was going to go 15% beserk before the next Evocate. I was wrong. We actually ended up losing most of the raid with Curator at 3%. I think two healers and Amellea finally finished him off.

I did pick up [item]Bands of Nefarious Deeds[/item]. They’re slightly better than the badge wrists I was wearing. Though the badge one had 25 haste rating. HMmm.


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  1. grats on the successful run! If there’s a fight I never want to see again, it’s R&J. I’ve been in there a dozen or more times across 40 70s and I’ve never seen Oz, but I’ve seen R&J a majority of the time! It’s annoying. Especially since my wife keeps wanting Legacy off of the Oz event 🙂

    Scotts last blog post..On changes, alts, progression, and repression.

  2. Worst experience with R&J, killed them each 3 times because a couple guildies couldn’t figure out when to switch targets and kept killing R too quickly; I guess the tanks yelling in vent wasn’t enough for them to catch on.

    For the last minute or so I was casting FoL without any visable mana. It’s amazing how far a Pally can stretch that last few hundred when they really need to.

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