Lame Duck

Lame Duck
I have plenty to do… I have quests to complete, mounts to buy, titles to earn. And yet still.. I find a certain malaise. I log onto my toons.. /sigh.. look around.. and wonder why I even bothered to log on. I’m running the Isle dailies based on muscle memory alone. They’re no longer challenging.

I’m not quitting.. WAR and AoC hold no temptation to me. I am in fact surprised to find this attitude in myself. I don’t -think- it’s actually the Lame Duck status of the game.. I -do- think it’s a result of leveling as high as I can, best gear I can get, can’t get into a 25-man raid to save my life that’s causing the attitude.

*grumble* I’m half tempted to take one of my toons out of the guild and go find a guild who actually -is- working on 25-mans. Yeah.. that’s not going to happen *sigh*

Or we could start recruiting..

“Hey, you-you snot-nosed PVP brat, wanna be a warm body in the mature guild I’m in? We treat each other like family.. you are just the person we need at the snot-nosed kids table.. the warm body that’d let us independently work on Gruul’s and start SSC. You’d fit in perfectly *</sarcasm>. Great yes.. ‘Pwnt the noob u leet roxor’ or whatever that means” *sigh* I feel old.

Not going to happen. *grumble*

“While I’m waiting for WoTLK” Goal list:
1. Start 25-mans. (missing warm bodies)
2. Finish ZA timed event and get bear mount for fiancee (we’d need to finish it first)
3. Finish ZA. (working on it.. we’re 3/6 atm).
4. Get last bit of gear out of Kara. (working on it)
5. Get speedy flying mount for Lilac (working on it)
6. Get “Champion of the Na’aru” title for toons. (I aim to work on it.. )
7. Get Talbuk mount for Tatia (Um yeah)
8. Level more alts. (Hunter hit 42… Druid hit 27… Mage hit 12…)
9. Continue to wait.

5 thoughts on “Lame Duck

  1. The wait for Wrath has become painful as of late. I think Blizzard could have done more to stay Nearer to their 1 expac a year promise. If Wrath doesn’t come out in September (which it won’t) I will be twitching. Which isn’t to say I am up in Sunwell pwning KJ or anything… just I am ready for the new shiny 10man progression chain. 10mans up to Arthas ftw! 25mans consume bits of my soul. O.o

    Go go Nibuca!

    gts last blog post..In which gt hates on Mondays… in 5/7/5

  2. In my opinion finishing ZA timed event and get bear mount is harder than having Illidan on farm. In my guild we usually try ZA timed with 2 healers and 2 tanks (we are working on Brutallus, so all T6). We manage to kill third boss in time and 9 minutes left. It’s really hard.

  3. Being in a guild that can’t manage to find the warm bodies to get into 25-man content is painful. I managed my old guild for a year and a half after the original Guild Master left and we had problems just getting ten people together for Karazhan and Zul’Aman. The thing that nearly got me to quit the game was the fact that my main, a 70 Beast Mastery hunter of little renown, couldn’t even get into ten-man content with my guild because we were abysmally low on healers and I ended up dropping my priest’s ten-man to join my old guild.

    Have you considered raiding outside of your guild? It always amazes me that people think you need a guild tag to raid. Both my priest and my hunter are finishing up Tier 5 content and breaking into Tier 6, but belong to neither guild they raid with. I’ve been a member of one for over a year now and the other for almost six months. As an avid roleplayer, I rely on my guild instead for social interaction, roleplaying antics, and not for raiding.

  4. I feel your pain.

    My old Horde guild I left a year ago has Zul’jin on farm status and are in the process of finishing up SSC.

    Not that I’d trade progression for you guys. Why, who would misdirect on me as I heal the main tank while we fight Nightbane? Who would call me a dumbass for insisting that my hunter be specced Survival? Who would yell at me for dropping a dance bomb on an afk raid with my beloved picollo?

    Heaven for the climate, hell for the company I guess…



  5. Awww come on, you know you love us. “West Kindgom.. we put the fun in dysfunctional.”

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