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Feelin’ the Kara love..

As I walked in the door yesterday fiancee demanded that I should log on… and asked if I’d be there for the 8:00 Kara group.
“Um.. Sorry honey, I didn’t know about the 8:00 kara group I wasn’t signed up for it.”
“Of course not, ” says he, “I just added it to the calendar. So log on and sign up.”

Um.. ok. So I signed up for the Kara group. Khoss, our resto shaman wanted to bring his dead-to-us Mage instead of his healer since his dead-to-us Mage needed 5 more badges. Since his mage is dead-to-us it was a hard sell (dead-to-us Mage used to be Khoss’ main until Khoss hit 70. Then dead-to-us Mage was .. um declared dead so we’d stop insisting he come with us to XXX high level raid). After a while I offered (in whispers) that I’d bring Tatia to heal for the first couple bosses so dead-to-us Mage could get his 5 badges.

Initially we were:
Baldwyn (Protection Paladin), Booie (Protection Warrior), Tatia (ME)(Holy Paladin), Ginomi (Resto Druid), Daegothh (Mage), Sae (BM Hunter), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Spiralla (Shaman), Drakus (Rogue).

The run went a lot slower than I would have hoped. I know we had a certain aggro monkey of a Shaman (Spiralla) who kept pulling aggro and dying. Also Baldwyn/Booie were methodical in their pulls.. but not particularly fast. I guess it’s to be expected. It was remarked that the run was odd in that almost all of the toons (except for Raouen and Booie) were shelved mains. In all, it slowed us down.

We one-shotted Attuman (of course)(I’m not sure why WWS shows it as two attempts.. but really, there was only one), three-shotted Moroes (we had a little bit of confusion on who was tanking what where and why and healers kept getting flattened) and then two-shotted Maiden (she smushed Booie, our new-ish tank while we were trying to get into position the first time).

FINALLY Maiden dropped [item]Shard of the Virtuous[/item] for Tatia. Happy dance! (note-to-self: must update list of “gear I want from Kara” for both toons).

After Maiden I switched off of Tatia and onto Lilac (Affliction Warlock). Daegotth logged off for Khoss (Resto Shaman). Raouen logged off for Chulong(Rogue). Drakus logged off for Wannalaya(DPS Warrior). Switcho-chango a totally new raid group.

We then one-shotted Big Bad Wolf and Curator.

With Big Bad Wolf.. I think I’ve finally figured it out. As soon as I hear him say “Run away little girl” I take off across the front of the stage. About 3 seconds later I figure out whether I’m Riding Hood. If not, then I run back to the “you’re not Riding Hood” corner with the rest of the DPS/Healers. Up until now I’ve heard “Run away little girl” then spent 3 seconds going.. “Oh OH!! is it ME??.. IT’S ME!!” and -then- running. Which meant I went splat shortly thereafter. Hopefully the “run first” method will result in less splats. Unfortunately I was never Riding Hood so I didn’t get to test it out 🙂

Curator was quick and mostly painless. Booie picked up her first T4 piece.

The plan is that we’ll run the top half of Kara tonight. I think it will be a pleasant surprise for the Wednesday night group to get to do the top half instead of doing the bottom half -again-. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Kara love..

  1. Being the GL for a -very- casual guild that likes to raid, made us change the way we marked/pulled. We tend to run Kara with 2 healers and two tanks, the rest DPS. It used to be, before the GL-torch got handed to me and I appointed a new raid leader, that we’d mark a group, pull, heal up, drink, repeat. With the new set up we have our raid leader and two tanks with Raid Assist. This way, when the raid has whittled down the number in the pull to a job one tank can handle, the other tank stops what he’s doing and starts to mark the next group. Nobody is going to miss my Prot Paladin dps. I might judge seal of wisdom to help the DPS regain some mana, but otherwise I might as well not be contributing. By the time the last mob is down, I’ve check mana( thanks to Grid+Mana Bars ) and I’m pulling. A full “sit down & drink” is done when the healers cry uncle, which isn’t very often. It helps a lot. If someone has to AFK and it’s not a healer or tank, we just 9 man the trash as best we can.

    We’re very casual so Raid Time is sacred time. We really dislike interruptions, but we realize that real life happens. In fact, I’m rarely there for the trash from Opera to Curator. I afk to take a bottle up to my 10 month old daughter and come back for the time when two tanks are needed right before the Curator.

    It sounds like you’re having a ton of fun! Grats on your Shard of the Virtuous… I’ll pretend my resto shaman Shougeki isn’t greenish blue with envy!

    Scotts last blog post..On changes, alts, progression, and repression.

  2. I figure after 8 months of trying to get it (and seeing it drop a total of twice before) I was bound to get it sooner or later.. I’m just very very glad I was playing Tatia and not Lilac (unlike the last two times it dropped).

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