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AlchemyThis morning, while doing dailies with fiancee’s hunter we squabbled over who would get to pick the flowers. There’s only about 4 mana thistle on the whole Isle..and having two herbalists grouped together means that we’re snarky back and forth about whose turn it is this time. I was on my Holy Paladin, Tatia, who’s a 375 herbalist/enchanter.

This reminded me that I’ve been thinking about Alchemy. Now having worked enchanting up to 375 there’s -no way- I’ll drop it.. but I am tempted to drop herbalism and take up alchemy.

– Lilac, my Warlock, is a Herbalist/Tailor. So I’d still have a herbing toon. If Lilac’s my only herber then I wouldn’t feel terribly guilty if she’s the only one getting a speedy flying mount (frankly, considering the amount of time it’s taking me to get 5k gold I doubt I’ll have time to do it twice before WotLK comes out).
– West Kingdom doesn’t have a potion spec’d alchemist who logs in daily (Ireena logs in about once-twice a week). I really like to be able to turn all my herbs over to a potion spec alchemist to get all my pots made. It’s just more efficient.
– My Banker toon has a tab full of herbs.. but I’ve just been socking them away instead of making them into something.
– Through Alchemy Tatia could get one of the best healing trinkets in the game the [item]Redeemers Alchemist Stone[/item]. Currently she’s using the [item]Lower City Prayerbook[/item] and the [item]Ribbon of Sacrifice[/item]. I’m pretty sure the stone is better than both of them.

– I’d need to get/buy all the low level stuff to level it up.


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  1. Suggestion… you could start a new alt with herbalism to farm all the herbs for Tatia without AH bankrupting yourself… though this idea falls flat if you already have one of every class.

    However it sounds like a solid idea. Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone is crazy beautiful for chain chugging mana pots in SSC and getting that +heal push. The initial cost of making it was high but it is slowly paying itself off in lowering the amount of pots I chain chug and making me all the less likely to go OOM. It is my precious!

    Pots spec is unpopular but I love it. I get a good flow of 2x procs and I am just waiting for the day I get my Resto Pot discovery to make those for guildies. Also the rogues like procs on their Haste Potions!

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  2. I’m Alchemy/ Herbalism and both are original professions on my Paladin as you know. Which as in those profession is hand and glove.

    I would say if your thinking of swithcing one your main to Alchemy and dropping Herbalism then you could in your case if; You have another high level toon that you can switch to herbalism with no regrets to its other profession and that the character already have a Epic Flying Mount to herb fast. Also a max level enchanting is too valuable to drop given how hard it is to level up.

    Or you can level up a character close to 60+ as a herbalist. If I can remember right just about had max level herbalism by time I was in Hellfire zone if I can remember right or before I got to Outland. I was always and still is one constant herber. Yeah like you I have one Personal Alt Guild Bank Tab just over flowing with high level herbs.

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  3. Levelling an new alt for herbing is a great idea if you don’t want to get bilked or spend the time doing it yourself. Herbs sell like crazy on Alleria. The old world herbs are sometimes 20 to 40g a stack. I leveled alchemy on my mage after 70 so I could do xmutes, and I had to pay through the nose for things like stranglekelp, etc.

    Having an alchemist in my pocket is worth it though.

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  4. I’m personally a big fan of alchemy, have it on several characters. Two points to add in favor of it: The nifty mad alchemist’s potions, giving you the benefit of a restoration potion for cheap, and with an elixir bonus added, and transmuting for easy money (to compensate for a little of what you loose from not herbing). On my server, the best way to do so is to get Sporeggar rep to revered (faster than it sounds), and do primal earth–>water. It adds up over time 🙂

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