“I, Murloc”

MurlocMost of the time /2 Trade is full of drek and nonsense. Sometimes the nonsense just makes me laugh. Khaz Modan rocks!

Murloc 1 Murloc 2

This went on for a good 30 mins.. and probably continued long after I’d transported to Karazhan.

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  1. We had that happening months ago on Feathermoon US. I used to see it happening in Trade, go into Arena matches, come back to still see them going, leave for four hour raids, come back, and see the bastards still going. And this was every day for almost a two full months.

    I’m one of those roleplayers who leaves public channels open even when engaged in roleplay because I like being able to help people when they have questions or point them toward peoples who have the mats or recipes or skills that they need, but I couldn’t suffer through that and interact with people simultaneously. I can’t have a good conversation with people when their words are completely by-passed by spam like that millisenconds after they hit enter.

    Horrible, horrible murloc jokes.

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  2. It will get as annoying as other trade chat “banter” shortly, trust me. I feel like I’ve been seeing that Murloc crap half the time I enter a city the past 2 months. I guess it’s a slight step up from Krol Blade spam, but not by much.

  3. Hi Nibuca 🙂

    This started happening on Thrall’s trade channel over a year ago. We would assume that it had passed and we were safe, but then it started up again. And again, and again. It was never safe to go back in the water.

    I longed for the return of Chuck Norris jokes.

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  4. ‘Nkay.. I can see how this might get annoying over the long term… but this was the first time I’d seen it on the Khaz.. and -I- found it amusing.

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