Have the balls…

Pug with BallMagister’s Terrace is a massive load of owww. I’ve been through regular.. and really heroic isn’t -that- much harder.. but it is harder. On the day it was released Tatia healed fiancee’s tank through it. Since then I’ve healed through Heroic MgT about twice. It’s a fairly painful instance. If your group is even slightly not on the ball you’ll wipe.. alot.

We ran into that on Sunday. We wanted the fantastic lootz.. and there weren’t enough guildies on.. so we pugged two of our DPSers in. Then we proceeded to fail. We didn’t even make it to the first boss.

Wipe #1 pugged hunter afterwards says “Oh Geez guys, I had my fishing bindings in place so I totally messed up my pull”. I’m not sure exactly what that means.. but the Hunter’s mob never actually hit his trap.. and glaive thrower seriously messed up my healing to the point where the tank died.

Wipe #2 pugged caster shaman accidentally ass-pulled the group behind us that we were skipping.

Wipe #3, #4. After the pull the Imp by the door blasted Tatia (ME) (the healer) down. No heals on tank means wipe. Daegothh was trying to kill the imp on wipe #4 but got silenced by the Magister.

The thing is.. I expected to wipe.. I expected it to be hard.

What I wasn’t expecting was the ball-less wonders that were our pugged DPS. After wipe number 4 we came back into the instance to find the hunter running into a wall. You might think “oh bummer, he’s disconnecting”. Except that he was running into a wall in the opposite direction from the direction he -should- have been running. About 20 seconds after he started running (in the wrong direction) he went offline. Uh-huh. Highly convenient that.

Ok, fine, we looked to find a replacement. No one in guild, no one in LFG, no one on friends. No luck. We’re still looking 3 mins later.. when mysteriously the shaman also disconnects. Highly convenient that.

SERIOUSLY. If you’re in a pug.. and it’s sucking .. have the balls to say “this is sucking.. I’m going to go”. Just running yourself into a wall and ALT-F4ing is lame in the extreme.


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  1. Ahh, sounds like half the Pugs I have been in..LOL..

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