Venting: “You people make my ass twitch”

Crush your headLast week I started finding a couple of guildies (ok, one guildie) -really- annoying. I was in Karazhan standing behind their toon.. with my fingers poised over their toon on my screen muttering “I crush your head!! Crush crush crush”. I think I was PMSing.. but I was honestly to the point of screaming and slamming my keyboard. After Kara I moved myself to an empty Vent room to finish off my after-Kara work (repairs/replenish reagents/food/etc). Someone asked fiancee why I was in a vent room by myself.. and Fiancee asked me and I told him that I was finding everyone very annoying so went off to be by myself. In retrospect I find it very weird that I didn’t just log off of vent.

Then, late Friday night Ventrillo mysteriously died. I didn’t worry about it much, I was working on dailies at the time and didn’t really need to chat with guildies.

Vent was down all day Saturday. It was .. well weird. Because we use vent as a guild I really don’t pay attention to who logs in/out of the game.. so I found that often someone logged in/out and I missed it. I’m also horrible about watching guild chat. So whoever was on didn’t get much response from me.

I also found it very very quiet. I’ve never been able to listen to music while playing since I’m normally chatting with guildies.. and I can’t listen to music and chat at the same time.. I just don’t multi-task well. On Saturday it was -so- quiet I actually started thinking about listening to music.

On Saturday night we did a Heroic Auchenei Crypts. It was kind of weird to do a guild run without vent. Cryptic and quiet. I can’t heal and type at the same time.. and since pally healing is spam casting I had no way to communicate with the group (ie, tell the tank to reposition (ie, that mob is in an inconvenient spot for me to heal you, please move) or warn the hunter not to back into the next group and accidentally pull it (which he did)). I definitely didn’t like it. But at the same time.. I wasn’t annoyed at the personalities of my guildies.

Vent came back on Sunday afternoon. I’m glad it’s back.. I like the closeness of my guild.. and I think a lot of that closeness has happened because we hang out and gab in vent. That said.. I will admit that last night while logged into vent.. no one was chatting.. so I turned on a Podcast so I had something entertaining to listen to while I fished. Tatia went from 300-325 fishing in only one podcast.

4 thoughts on “Venting: “You people make my ass twitch”

  1. Confession time!!!

    Sometimes I dont log onto vent because I am listening to music. Okay, so pretty much everytime I’m in the game and not on vent I am listening to music.

    For me doing dailies or group healing is much more enjoyable when I can get my groove on listening to my favorite toons. When I am on vent and playing, sadly I dont get the same enjoyment. Thats not to say that I don’t enjoy the closeness and comraderie of the guild. That great too… when we aren’t bickering.


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  2. Hmm

    I never quite like having to talk and play. For me I’m very focus minded. I find it really distracting to focus on playing and talking at same time. Hard to focus on what I’m doing. Sometimes I play with music but its turned down low enough that I can just hear it but not distracting. Often I prefer to play withthe silence, thats just me but at least I can focus on what I’m doing.

    On another note. I’ve ran 5 mans and Heroics and never used Vent ever! As the tank I probably would find it a bit distracting. Listening kinds ok but still distracting if people are talking.

    In my last guild when I was in Alamat we started Kara and ran it to the end over 2 months downing all the bosses and never once did we use Vent. We used the good old chat log and it pretty much worked just perfect. We didn’t seemto have much a problem with communication though with voice and Vent it could of made it much easier. Love the silence sometimes so I can just focus without anything else thats a complete distraction.

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  3. I . WOULD . GO . BUG . NUTS!

    Seriously. If it wasn’t for the ppl I might as well be playing a solo game.

    Why be in a MMo if you’re only going to be tertiarily involved with the other people?

  4. I’m on Vent sometimes, but only if my guild is using it for raid and instancing. I generally don’t use it because I don’t have a mic. It might be more efficient than typing, but sometimes Vent gets a bit too distracting and I end up tuning out of it anyway. It probably depends on the people who are Vent also. /shrug

    Also, “chicanery” is the Word of the Day for June 3 over at Wiktionary. Thought you’d like to know. 🙂

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