A little of this, a smidge of that…

beaker.jpgAnd like that *snap* Tatia’s an alchemist. I found Alchemy easier to level than Herbalism. Then again.. when Tatia leveled herbalism ( in October: Herbalism 375) I socked most of those flowers away in my guild-of-one bank tab. So I had most of the mats already on hand. In all I think I spent 200g between paying for training.. and buying the flowers where I was short (Why is briarthorn always so hard to get?**)

I used the quick guide here: http://www.the-best-wow-guides.com/alchemy.php .

Tatia’s currently at 342/375 Alchemy. From start to finish.. I think it took ~3-4 hours. She would be further but I ran out of Netherbloom.

**I was talking with a guildie about a completely separate topic.. and she mentioned she was making a killing selling Briarthorn on the AH. Which is nice considering her highest toon is 42. I’m pretty sure I padded her bank account.

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  1. Its a versatile herb used in some very good potions and thus sells for a premium price. Many people don’t always seem to pick it and thus prices are even higher. Also can be hard to find though not always if your really looking for it and know where to look.

    When I’m in a lowbie zone and I spot it I simply stop and pick it. Profit margins are really good on AH so a few pocket change never hurts.

  2. I’ve never really leveled either Herbalism or Alchemy before, but my newly rolled mageling is an Herbalist. About two days ago I made an absolute killing on the Auction House when I put a couple of stacks of Briarthorn up. I was absolutely shocked; I now have enough to buy my mount when I hit 40 and I’m a lowly 22!

    My next goal is to save up enough gold for my boyfriend’s mount, who also rerolled with me because I begged him to do so. It’s only fair!

    Cynras last blog post..Ancient Art of the Ninja-Hug

  3. Woah. :O Speedy! Alchemist Stone?

    I remember when leveling Takh that finding Briarthorn was always a pain. It doesn’t grow everywhere like weeds and seemed to always be nestled in a tree or a cliffside that required me to go out of my way to snag.

    That strange feeling that comes from buying tons of things off the AH and then seeing the seller name in the AH mail and realizing its a guildie always makes me laugh.

    gts last blog post..RL cops are totally OP lvl 70 RetPallies.

  4. My intentions are two-fold.

    1. The stone is one of the best healing trinkets in the game. I think I have to be SSO exalted.. and have Alchemy 375. So I’m working on it.
    2. In the guild we didn’t* have anyone who was potion spec’d. I wanted to have a potion spec’d alchemist available for the guild.

    * I learned yesterday (after I’d hit 341 alchemy) that our new shadow priest is also going potions. Whatever.. at least I’ll get a pretty trinket.

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