Druidic Wanderings

I played my baby druid the other day. She hit 26. Later the following conversation happened in Ventrillo:

Me: Yesterday I played my baby druid alt and I really enjoyed it.
Amel (Druid #1): Yeah, druids are very cool.
Ursidae (Druid #2): We can fill any role.
Amel: You’re a Jack-of-all-Trades. Stealth, DPS, Tank. We’re very versatile.
Mugruith (Druid #3): Oh, and flighform is very very cool.

Me: Oh.. I was just thinking I really like the way she runs and jumps.. and she has really pretty hair.
Druids: …

[Edited to add:]
I guess it doesn’t help that all three of the other druids were guys. …

8 thoughts on “Druidic Wanderings

  1. I have a druid at 20. I have no idea what color his hair is and all that, though I was one that created him. I find Druids a bit interesting. As for what I like about my Druid so far it probably is his name “Gorias”

    His name was one of four very Magical and Mystical Celtic Druid cities of the otherworld. I really liked the name and really sound druidic. So I named him as such. Of all the things I like about my baby druid, well have to be his name. Hopefully I can get him to 70 as well before Wrath.

    Galohearts last blog post..The 100,000 Club

  2. hehehe.

    I will agree with Kat on that /lick macro.

    My druid just dinged 56 after a small BRD marathon and I have to say Cat Form is the BOMB. I get upset that I can’t click quest items in the world without shifting out. (p_q)

    gts last blog post..RL cops are totally OP lvl 70 RetPallies.

  3. I laughed. While I’m a chick and I enjoy tweaking my girls to appeal to whatever view I have of them in regards to their personality, I really am more interested in the mechanics of their class.

  4. Ah now.. you make me sound like a flighty grrl.

    Ok.. so I groove on the mechanics of my classes as much as the next armchair theorycrafter.. but.. well take my warlock for instance. My warlock is a gnome because I can’t stand the way humans run and jump. My rogue (who is human) runs like she’s wearing a full diaper. When she jumps she doesn’t bend her knees.. she just kind of levitates into the air and then lands. For some reason this bugs the crap out of me (add to that most of the human hair styles look like she’s wearing a hair helmet). This is also the reason I’ll never have a Night Elf Rogue (stealthed rogues walk like they’re pinching quarters in their butt cheeks).

    And don’t get me started on the Horde. Sheesh is there a single horde race who doesn’t have posture problems?

    If I can’t get past the run and the jump.. I definitely won’t get to the mechanics.

    THAT SAID… I’ve had a really hard time playing my druid. I think it’s for the same reason that I’ve never grooved on a warrior.. There’s just too many different things.. and they change depending on your stance. So as soon as I think I’ve got Cat figured out I have to pop out to Night Elf form and try to figure out which spell to cast. Its just been very very slow.

    It’s getting better.

  5. I actually found that using Bartender3 and Nostromo made playing my Druid sooo much better. Bartender changes the button sets depending on the form you are in and I have the 2nd row of buttons set up with my healing spells so I can quickly change form and heal up.

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