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STVI hate starting to read a series of books when I know there’s already 3+ books out there. I don’t want to become committed to something that might actually suck after the second book. Will Wow be the same way?

If you only had toons below level 30.. or (God forbid) you had just picked up the game.. why would you bother buying Wrath of the Lich King when it comes out? Why would someone spend $20 for Wow Classic + $20 for BC + $30 for WotLK.. especially since WotLK doesn’t have anything for them until they get to the upper levels.

Wow is getting to the point where the game itself is a barrier to entry.

What about all those people who have just picked up the game at the urging of their friends.. only to find they don’t get to play with their friends for 3+ months (until they get to at least 70)?

Wow is getting deeper.. but rather than encouraging it’s subscribers to go back to the beginning.. Wow looks like it’s trying to find ways to speed users through the first 50 levels.

How can I respect someone who has never been to STV?

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  1. i believe you can download the free trial off the wow site and then you only need to pay for the latest version. meaning you would only need the key for BC and you don’t need to buy classic wow. but yes this is why there seems to be more noobs running around because they don’t get to spend as much time learning how to play.

  2. I agree with your paragraph about friends making you play WoW… Most of the time it was me soloing. >.> I actually didn’t buy BC until Thanksgiving last year a few days before I hit 58.

    I guess having Mudsprocket in Dustwallow now means you don’t necessarily need to go to STV. I passed that level bracket right before they added Mudsprocket. Surviving STV was essential in my surviving Outland ganking. I got used to it.

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  3. I’ve leveled 6 people to 70, 2 to 63 and 1 to 49. And I’ve only done quests in STV a grand total of once.

    I hated that zone. Too much running around to try to complete quests. Just.. didn’t like it. This was before they added the flight path at the rebel camp and maybe that makes it easier to not have to run the length of the entire stinking zone.. but my perception has been made. I do not like STV.

    I’ve discovered ways to get around ever having to go to STV. And this was mostly before Mudsprocket, though the addition of Mudsprocket makes my job of avoiding STV much easier. The only time I go to STV is to 1: turn in the robot escort quests and Stoley’s Shipment, 2: help a warrior in their warrior quest at 30, 3: go to ZG to farm for the Polymorph: Turtle spell. (4: get the fishing book)

    But in general, I worry about the way Blizzard is going to jump the Death Knight to 55 at start. It’s going to break the learning curve a little bit there. But on the other hand, it almost makes sense to START people at a higher level IF they want to. Like, give them the option to run old content, or start them at 50 or something with a random smattering of appropriate greens/blues.

    However, one easy way to get over the ‘I don’t get to play with my high level uber friends’, is unless said friend is me with no available spots on my main server, their friend can just make an alt to play with the friend they dragged into the game.

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  4. Only way to get a Death Knight (lvl55) is to have an existing 55 on that server. One per server/Per account. So you would have to play to 55 to get the new 55 Death Knight.

    But in regards to the starting to play wow with friends who already 70, I made a Starter char with friends of mine when they started: I play with them when they are on, and bring in the higher level guns when they needed it. I didn’t get them into this game to play at 70 with them, I got them in to play with them to play.

    I think the high amount of Noobs out there isn’t due to the fact that people get to end game so fast they don’t know how to play. I think Blizz has just hit a saturation of clientele that is more and more “uninitiated” computer users are now playing. The more people who play, more and more dumb people among them. But there are a lot of new smart players too. I have had much better luck in PUG groups now then I ever did when I started playing. I think it’s just more common to remember bad experiences then good ones. Besides, some times calling a person a Noob among friends is more fun then saying “hey! I had the best pug ever.â€? It’s a short conversation.

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  5. I’m worried about the Wow of the future. If every expansion is +10 levels then every expansion makes it harder for new people to pick up the game and play it from 1 to 60+10*n.

    I like Azeroth. I wish there were more people leveling all the time. I’m sad that I couldn’t really do any instances while I was leveling because there were so few people available that were of the correct level. I’m sadder still when I got to 70 and daily I’m grouping with 70s who have never been in an instance before.

    Soloing doesn’t teach you your job in an instance.. and most of the endgame is about knowing your job in an instance.

  6. I always go through STV when leveling. If you’re on a PVP server it’s like the Old West down there. Everybody needs a little STV in their lives. Like what was mentioned it also prepares you for the harshness of the Outlands.

    Is it really the quick leveling, or the player’s lack of responsibility to learn their class that’s the issue. I’m a rogue and I try to keep all associated rogue skills maxxed according to my level. If I go into an instance I want to bring everything I can to the party. Lots of folks don’t see it that way. A lot of people don’t even know the basics of their class because some friend has been carrying them the entire way. Quick leveling or not, sooner or later you hit the top and you should know what you are doing.

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