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Greaves DetailThis is another addon that I think should be built into the default UI. It’s not quite Tier 1 (I can’t live without it) but it definitely falls into Tier 2 (Life is way easier with this).

Mendeleev (named for the inventor of the periodic table)(which is interesting.. but makes the name hard to remember as I don’t see how it’s relevant to the function of the Addon)(but anyway) updates the tooltips of items with helpful information. It will tell you what recipes use that item, who drops an item (and at what percent) and other helpful information.


Water Filtered Draenic Water. Interesting to note that it’s used by Jewelcreafters for two of their patterns.

Dreaming GloryDreaming Glory. Used by 7 Alchemy recipes. Comes from Herbalism and Skinning (skinning?, really?). Note that Flash of Chromatic Wonder requires 7 Dreaming Glory.

Greaves Some greaves I picked up as a side-grade in MgT. No, they’re not socketed. I’m not sure they’re worth the time/money. Still contemplating. The info at the bottom of the screen is from the addon “RatingsBuster“. Mendeleev is the bit in blue in the middle telling me where they drop and at what percentage.

Underrated Having a gander at Underrated’s gear. Note that in this shot we’re currently in Karazhan.. and you can barely see it but Recount shows Underrated is in the #1 position and Lilac in the #4 position. There’s a whole lot of addons showing in that screenshot.. but the thing that’s important to note wrt Mendeleev is the pale blue text in the tooltip about the Pendant of the Voilet Eye. Underrated’s wearing it and I’m able to see where he got it from. (For the record, at the time Underrated was spec’d for Succy Sac and was beating everyone on the damage meters).

Addon Drawbacks,
– the “what’s this used for” list can get very long when viewing very common items. (ie, Imbued Vials)
– If you haven’t seen a recipe (or if it hasn’t been seen on your server since last reload) then the recipe will show as the item number. Which is less helpful than the name.

4 thoughts on “Addon: Mendeleev

  1. I’ve been using this addon for a while now, and I have to agree that it’s quite useful. My guess as to why it’s called Mendeleev is since it calls from the periodic table library; that and since it tells you what items go into what crafting patterns, it’s sort of telling you what those components can become (yay atoms and molecules?). Just a guess, for all I know the author could have just been reading a chemistry book before programming it 😛

  2. An cool looking addon for sure but it feels a bit meta for standard ui.

    Think he means skinning trees in Sethekk for Dreaming Glory? Which is still technically herbalism though. hrm.

    gts last blog post..RL cops are totally OP lvl 70 RetPallies.

  3. i’ve started using this addon recently, & for most items it show the USED IN as some number.
    can anybody xplain how to rectify this problem plz

  4. I believe that means that your server hasn’t seen that item yet. I think the number is the item id.

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