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Need more RAGE^H^H^H^HMacros

So I’ve got this macro problem.. you might call it an addiction.. but that’s only if you look at it from the outside where it looks all obsessive and weird. From the insider (my view) it looks perfectly normal.

Anyway.. Lilac has run out of macro slots. I know, hard to imagine.. but every single slot for a macro for Lilac is totally full. The part that frustrates me.. is that most of her macros follow a template.

I have all these spells.. and I want them to work the same way.. no matter which spell I hit.

Here’s her standard spell template:

1: /target [help] targettarget
2: /targetexact Astral Flare
/targetexact Demon Chains
{… and a couple more}
3: /use 13
/use 14
4: /cast [button:2, target=focus][] {Some spellname here}

What it does:
1: if you click the tank (or a big bear butt) use his target instead. Poor man’s assist macro.
2: If any of those special targets exist, make them the target for the next spell. The last target listed is the one that “wins” so if you’re at Curator and an Astral Flare is up, it targets the Flare first and Curator when the Flare is dead. This is good for DPS (like Lilac) but bad for Tanks. So add this carefully depending on your role. Since I’m using “targetexact” they only kick in if that exact mob is up. I added Moroes because after he disappears you lose targeting on him.. and I keep losing dps time clicking the spell and not having him targeted.
3: Use your trinkets. This works well as long as they don’t trigger GCD. And as long as you -want- them triggered everytime their cooldown is available. I adjust this when I use something that I want to save.. like the PVP trinket.
4: If you click the button (or use the keybinding) cast this on your target. If you right-clicked it (button:2) then cast it on your focus.

Almost all of Lilac’s spells follow this template. The only spell I can think of that’s different is my Pet macro and Curse of Doom (which also triggers Amplify Curse).

By following this template I know that all of my spells/buttons work the same way.. BUT it also means that on-the-fly or frivolous macros are out of the question.. unless I put them on the ‘General’ tab.

Ok.. so I guess this is a general *grumble*. I suppose I should look to see if there are addons for this.. hrm.

[edited to add:]
*grumble* the targeting bit turns out it needs more tweaking.

2 thoughts on “Need more RAGE^H^H^H^HMacros

  1. This could be a toughie. See, the problem is, you can’t actually have more macros than the spaces given you. Even if you have an addon that can simulate macro functionality, there’s no way to get them onto the default UI.

    If, however, you use (or wouldn’t mind using) a bar mod, this could work for you. I use Trinity ( One of the features listed: “macro buttons: buttons that utilities the secure template macro system that allows for an unlimited number of macros up to a length of 1023 characters.” This is because the bar mod uses it’s own code and can fire off any event (not just Blizzard’s macros) when you click on them.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

  2. Check out the addon IHML. It assigns a variety of different macros to a single macro slot, and changes the macro dynamically as you move from zone to zone. For example, when you’re near Curator, it gives you a flare targeting macro, but if you’re doing island dailies it gives you macros appropriate for those dailies.

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