Macro: Healthstones

[Deprecated: with the 3.0.x patch, you can only carry one healthstone. So the macro is still useful.. just not as useful as it used to be.]
The following macro will allow you to have a single button for multiple healthstones. If you have all three sizes, then clicking this once will use the biggest one. Then the second click (after 2 mins) will use the middle sized one. Clicking this a 3rd time (after 2 mins) will use the smallest healthstone.

It will show as a tooltip the smallest healthstone. Assuming you have one in your inventory the icon will show up until you use the smallest healthstone.

#showtooltip item:22103
/use item:22105
/use item:22104
/use item:22103

If you wanted to, you could add “/use Charged Crystal Focus” as the last line and then when you run out of cookies it will start eating crystal focus.

5 thoughts on “Macro: Healthstones

  1. Heh, great idea, thanks. 🙂 Though I like having all three healthstones in my bar so I can easily see which one I’m missing, I very much like this, too.

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